2 DPS/Tank LF M Prog Guild in BfA

Guild Recruitment
We are a Mage (whichever spec is competitive per fight), and a Ret/Prot Paladin looking for a 2-3 night mythic progress guild. Ideally we are looking for something that starts around 7 PM PST/10PM EST, and raids for 2-3 nights for 6-12 hours total. The paladin prefers to stay Alliance, but we could be convinced to go Horde for the right guild (hes less thrilled about that, but i'll poke him until he agrees).

About Us:

We are both long time players and progression raiders, both of us have been playing (as much as you can call two kids facerolling on a keyboard "playing") since vanilla wow, and we have been both seriously progression raiding since early WotLK (technically since TBC, but man we were bad at this game in middle school). OP (Mage) has been Old Heroic/Mythic raiding at a high level, both as a raid member and as a raid officer, and the Paladin has recently rejoined in Legion after taking a break for school in Cataclysm. We are both stable and reliable, without any bravado and toxicity. We both push ourselves to be the best we can, constantly working to optimize our gear and our performance, as well as keep up on theory-crafting and raiding tips and tricks. We are our greatest critics, and push to constantly beat what we did the week before. Despite this focus on performance we do mechanics, take raid encounter responsibilities, and optimize our mechanical performance to ensure that we are giving our raid the best shot at clearing an encounter. We also don't obsess over gear, and we understand that progression raiding is about optimizing a team, not an individual. In late legion we both had demanding work obligations that didn't allow us to commit to progression raiding, but in the next few months both of us are going through significant employment changes (Paladin is transferring to a branch with better hours, and OP is quitting his 60+ hour a week job to take some !@#$ing R&R), and we are looking to get back into progression raiding for BfA. OP (Mage) has extensive mythic experience in early to mid legion, but both of us joined a heroic guild to try and scratch that itch since we couldn't raid full time. While that raiding guild helped scratch part of the itch (and were a great group of dudes), it is clear to us that we need more challenging content, as we quickly got bored. Full warning, in mid August OP (Mage) is moving across the country and will be less available the first week and a half, but has taken precautions and will be capped within the first week and geared for the opening of heroic Uldir (likely on week three). While we are a package deal, we expect to be trialed and evaluated separately, and expect either of us to be denied or approved on our own merits.


Mage has played a mage since vanilla, and is comfortable playing whichever spec is the most competitive per encounter (although Legion was difficult to spec swap in the mid tier). Paladin is comfortable progression raiding as both Prot and Ret and will be running keys and content as both.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a 2-3 night 6-12 hour per week mythic progression raiding guild, ideally without raid days on either Friday or Saturday. We are looking for something reasonably established, with a record of progression in the past. We don't need a guild pushing realm first, but we expect to be in a guild that can get cutting edge, and can maintain a roster. If your guild supports toxic players because they can perform, we are not interested. We want to be in a community that is serious about their performance, but also isn't a bag of dicks. Active leadership, however, is important to us and we want to find a guild where the officers are on top of making sure the raid is playing at the level they need, and an officer core that is making sure that the raid has the tools we need to clear the content.


Note that for a number of the bosses our guild didn't do any parse strats like lust on pull for some fights, etc. We also both had raid mechanic obligations for a few of the fights that impacted our parses, so if you see a boss that is consistently low, that is likely the cause. Its not a problem from our perspective, but something to be aware of for anyone viewing these.


Contact Information (Discord):

Mage --> Vaxattack#2970

Paladin --> Thorengard#0451

<murlocs> (murlocs.com) @ Mal'ganis [H] is currently recruiting for both weekly Raid Groups and NYC-based monthly meet-up events! New members are welcome to be involved in both or either community, and attending meet-ups does not affect raider status or vice-versa.

We're striving to bring back the strong social community aspect of gameplay both in game and real life which has been lost in the age of LFR and cross-server pugging.

Currently, we do weekly heroic clears for re-gearing alts/players coming back. You're welcome to come along!

High Priority:
- Raid healer (resto shaman, resto druids) - 930 ilvl
- Range dps with 935 ilvl 70 traits

Medium Priority:
- Any 930 ilvl / 75 traits players looking to do weekly heroic clears

Open Recruitment:
We are open to anyone wanting to join our community. It's open recruitment for BFA, and our murloc community.

Feel free to reach out to me (ev0#1934) for an invite or more info!

Guild Website: https://murlocs.com
Raid times: Tues-Weds 8:15-11:15pm EST
Hellooooooo Vaxattack!

<Immortals> is 6/11M recruiting for Mythic Antorus.

Immortals has been an active raiding guild for over 4 years now. We're a laid back group who likes to kill things and try to have fun doing so. We're current seeking like minded people who want to do some Mythic raiding.

What we're looking for: Players who want to raid Mythic, of course!

Specifically, we're looking for DPS and 1m Tank. We'd love for both of you to join us!

When we're looking for it: Now!
We've almost built our Mythic roster, but we need just a few more awesome people to get us where we want to be. So many other guilds will fold under the pressure, but not Immortals! Join us and have some fun!

What time was that?

Raid times are Mythic Tuesday / Thursday 8-11pm PST
Casual runs for alts & members that need gear Wednesday / Sunday (Funday!) 8-11pm PST

Why should I join you?

Because we value sexy dwarves, we like toast, we play other games together (see Diablo III), we're welcoming, we're altoholics, we post random videos in discord chat (view at your own risk). We kill mythic stuff. Maybe not as fast as the best and fastest on the server, but we'll get there. Faster than a good number! Maybe if you join us we'll get there even faster!

What if I just want to hang out in guild and level? Do you do other stuff?

That's awesome! We have some casual members and there's normally someone doing something around. Our main focus is raiding, but we also do dungeons, pet battles, PvP, level alts, do old content. We like having people around, even if your schedule or play style mean you can't join in raiding shenanigans. We have some "intro to raiding" nights on Wed/Sun for those who have never raided but want to try.

You're so awesome, I want in!

Sweet. You can add my btag (Validas#1299) or our raid leader Skarlettx's (Lakota#1563). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through a whisper. Will love you long time. Cookies and toaster pastries for all!
hey there

< Threat Level Midnight> Lead by mythic players is recruiting all for mythic raiding in BFA. Days/times will be tues/wed 7-10 Server time. Also few officer spots open pst!
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

8/11M Antorus

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
I added yourself (the Mage) on discord and would like to chat with you two, might be something you guys are interested in. Or if you would prefer, add me on bnet: Jordone#1898

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