BFA artifact appearances

i understand that a dk or warrior wont be able to represent the appearance of a paladin artifact weapon or use it as a transmog but

what about specs of the same class. Would i be able to wield a ashbringer as a holy paladin. Could a markshunter use an appearance/gun thats considered a BM artifact appearance from legion in BFA.

My question is are the artifact appearances locked to that class and be freely used or locked to that specific spec.
Tons of players have given feedback about the artifact transmog restrictions however nothing has been said since their last statement on it which was: artifacts will be looked at as a case by case situation, however the spec lock is still in play.

So we have no idea what theyre doing or what that actually means. Probably going to take skins that match other specs (like holy priest with the shadow staff skin) and make it available for that spec as well but this is just my speculation and i just hope they decide to remove the spec lock restriction.

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