(A) Veteran hunter, LF veteran Sen'jin guild

Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
I'm looking for a casual, raid focused guild that spends their time wisely progressing through content but still enjoys the game. I'm available later in the evenings (8:00PM - 11:00PM server time) weekdays and possibly some on the weekends (but not often). I prefer my hunter, but I'm willing to occasionally raid as a healing Druid. I'm only looking for a Sen'jin guild, and might be kind of picky.

About me... I actually re-rolled on this server the first day it opened with a guild called Defiance, I raided with them for two years and enjoyed every minute of it. I left Defiance and joined a rival guild called Nether (as nerdy as this sounds it was a very difficult decision), I raided with them for two years as well and also enjoyed the likes of Naxx and two C'thun kills. After BC released a few of us splintered off and created a casual raiding guild called Liberate my Madness, after about a year or so with them I quit WoW for about 8 years.

Now I'm back, with kids, a career, f'n bills, a wife, and an itch to not raid BFA in the LFR section! Send me an in game mail, or via the Blizz app and we'll discuss, thanks!
you want to join us you would have faction change horde.Message me on battle net or message me on discord ShadowMooCow#1715 https://discord.gg/kaY86A

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