<Silent Altoholic> [A] [Dawnbringer] is LFM!

Dawnbringer and Madoran
Who we are:
We are a mature guild with a no pressure atmosphere. A lot of us have been playing for years (and years) so we have a lot of experience and love helping out!
For us it's just as much about having fun playing the game as it is hanging out with friends. However, we can also get down to business and get that #^%$ boss dead!
Currently our core raid team is pushing heroic Antorus (3/11) and Mythic+ dungeons. We also have an "Old School Night" where we go get achives and tmog gear!

When we play:
Well...all the time! But, specifically:
Raid night is Tues & Thurs 8:30-10:30 Central time
Mythic+ night is Wed 8:30-10:30 Central time
Old school night is Monday 8:30-10:30 Central time

What we need:
You! We accept all levels and classes. Again, we love helping out and getting our peeps leveled and geared!
Our raid team needs some more melee DPS and someone to keep them healthy! But, we are accepting all classes as we want to have 2 raid teams going into BfA.

Our goals:
We want to have 2 complete raid teams going into BfA. This will allow us to have another raid night to help lower geared peeps get better gear (see? more helping!)
Heroic Antorus on farm...because...well, MOAR!
Scheduling a PvP night...because who doesn't like dropping some horde?

If this sounds like a fit for you, give us a shout!

btag: mageusmile#11738
Mceuan-Dawnbringer (GM)
btag: mizmac#1505
Updated to add we're running normal Antorus for gear and fun if you want to come along, meet us, and have some fun! Personal Loot, and we'll be using Discord. No raid experience needed, just need to be 915+.
Edit to update on our two teams:

Both teams have AOTC as the end goal. One team will be more inclusion/coaching focused, and is a great environment for new and returning raiders. The other team will have higher expectations on player knowledge and performance, and is the place for raiders looking to push themselves a bit further. Both teams are there to support each other; alts are welcome to run on the other team, and players can transition mains to the other with RL permission.

The first team will be running (tentatively) Wed and Mon, 8:30-10:30 pm realm time.

The second team will be running Tues and Thurs, same hours.

There is room for a tank, a healer and DPS for both teams.
I am currently looking for a new home and open to a faction change. My main preference for toons would be my Holy/Disc priest or my Veng DH. I have been raiding since MC in Vanilla. I started as tank back then, Warrior, then I switched to resto shaman when ally finally got a shaman in TBC. I have been healing since. I am open to healing or tanking, whatever the guild needs the most! I have AOTC for Antorus and am a heavily experienced raider. Brister#1557 is my bnet if there is any interest. I have all healers and all tanks at max level and ready to go!
Edit: Third team is under construction and has room for all roles.

One team is going Tues/Thurs, the second is Wed/Mon, and the third will go Fri/Sat. All raid times are 8:30-10:30 pm server.
Edit: The Tues/Thurs team is 8/8n and 3/8h. Needs are for DPS, particularly ranged. The Fri/Sat team is 6/8n and 3/8h. Needs are heals, and DPS, particularly melee.

M+ night is Sunday.

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