[A] Wicked Claw LF Heroic Heals

LF Raiders. This is an old guild dating back to 2008. Most of us are working professionals or college students. We can be described as Heroic level raiders who are looking to break into mythic raiding in BFA. In Legion we achieved "Ahead of the Curve" on alts.

For BFA, we’re forming 2 raiding teams: Blue and Orange.
• Blue Team (Currently Closed)
• 20 person team
• Goal: mythic raiding content
• Raid Times: Tues/Wed/TH 7-9pm Pacific Standard Time (Lightbringer Server Time)
• Expectations: Run Mythic+ Dungeons throughout the week
• Attendance is mandatory with few exceptions.
• Players will have their logs reviewed and feedback will be given.
• The total team size will be 25 people with a 5-person bench for Mythic. We will track rotations.

• Orange Team
• 15- 30 person team
• Goal: Heroic raiding content
• Raid Times: Sat/Sun 6:30-9pm Pacific Standard Time (Lightbringer Server Time)
• Attendance is somewhat flexible, but the intent should be to be to attend weekly.
Expectations for raiding:
• Watching videos and knowing mechanics of each boss fight.
• Knowing your class and performing at the average of your class is expected.
• Be enchanted/gemmed and bring your pre-pots/tomes.
• Every raider is expected to put together a BIS list (within reason, we know this can be complex). We use this list to roll-off gear that players do not need.

Type of player that we’re looking for:
• Enjoy raiding in clean fun environments.
• Enjoys M+ in addition to raids.
• Understands that wiping is part of raiding.
• Have a decent level of raid awareness.
• Is independent in improving their performance and welcomes suggestions.

Additional Info:
• Players are welcome to raid in both (Orange and Blue) teams, but not with the same character.
• Feasts and flasks are provided for raids.
• Loot is Personal with the exceptions of BOE's. BOE's go to the guild to pay for cauldrons and feasts.
• We use Discord for raids, dungeons, or just to hang out. Respect is a must at all times.

If interested, please post below or reach out to one of our Officers Miz (Dylan#1898), Furyañ, or Zoobi (Real ID Zoobi#11504)
I remember this one time........BUMP
I would like to join. This is my only toon, so i am dedicated on this mage.
Played since vanilla and took a long break during MoP and WoD.

I do not know why my old guild is still on my profile on the forums, but i am not with them anymore.
New Info for mythic team
Hey! Hope you guys are still recruiting! I'm a mistweaver/windwalker, with a number of alts available to take along as well, with my alt of choice being an assassination rogue, though healing in general is till my preferred role! I joined in the game near the end of WoD, and played actively throughout all of legion, though I was only able to raid through Emerald Nightmare. I hope to progress through every tier of BFA!

btag: Avenlite#1406
I didn't see any of the three players listed online - if you have interest in a holy paladin for your orange squad feel free to message me.

I’m a resto shaman looking to join the raid group.
Add me for more info
325 Mist weaver monk and i would love to join your Orange Weekend team due to work i hit 120 Wednesday after noon and have been going hard ever since. I added both of you guys to Friends
08/17/2018 11:49 AMPosted by Pewpewkaacho
I’m a resto shaman looking to join the raid group.
Add me for more info

Reaching out to you now
If you still are interested in a resto shaman for mythic raiding hit me up @ Birkie#1856.
ilvl 336 as of 8/25.
I am interested in Orange team tank if that is still available.
I raided mythic last expansion but it burnt me out, so would like to stick with heroic this expansion.
If you ever have an opening for Blue Team resto/enh shaman please feel free to contact me @ Birkie#1856. I love running Mythic+ as well so if you want to add me for healing backup that is cool as well.

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