10/11M Celebration Package Heals and Damage

Guild Recruitment
<Celebration Package> - [H] Illidan
Weeknight raiding guild

About us
We created the guild with the intentions of being a smaller guild to clear Normal & Heroic content. But after around 1 - 2 months into Nighthold we decided after picking up some really cool and good people that we wanted to try our luck in Mythic.
To our surprise it went fairly well, we started alot later then most guilds but were able to achieve 7/10 Mythic ToS before the release of Antorus. We are planning to hit Mythic hard for Antorus.
With a tight schedule of 8 hours of progression raiding a week we strive to have an effective raiding environment and to have people that want to be the best and push themselves to perform better each try.
With that being said we are a pretty fun and chill crowd and we enjoy jokes aswell as being very active on voice comms and the game outside raidtimes.

What we're looking for
100% Attendance (We do understand that sometimes life happens but with only 2 progression days a week we expect people to set aside time to attend our raids)
100% Toon upkeep, may that be keeping up with AP, spending some extra time reading up on a mechanic you do not fully understand or on your rotation.
People that can own up to their mistakes and can take criticism.
People that think that a guild means something more then just killing bosses.
We do accept alts ASLONG as you are able to be consistant for our raidtimes AND able to upkeep your toon 100%.

Wednesdays 6:00 - 10:00 PM CST (Illidan server time)
Monday 6:00 - 10:00 PM CST (Illidan server time)

Tuesday 6:00 - 10:00 PM CST (Illidan server time)

Current progress for Antorus
10/11 Mythic
11/11 Heroic (AOTC first week of heroic)
11/11 Normal

Currently very interested in Damage and Healers (Holy Paladin)
If you do not play one of these roles however don't hesitate to get in touch if you think the guild would be a fit for you anyway!

Loot distribution
(Our trial period is around 1 - 2 weeks)

Contact information
Fibér, Rogue, Assassination

What is your Battlenet ID? We may add you in game to chat.

Available Nights? How active are you outside of raid?
All nights, flexible schedule. I probably spend at least ~10 hrs/wk outside of raids, mostly running M+ on my main & alts

What is your ilvl/artifact currently at on your main? Are you proficient in alternate specs depending on the encounter? Please include the same for any raid-ready alts!

Please link fight logs from www.warcraftlogs.com so that we can see how you perform in a raid environment. (please also include raid-ready alt logs if applicable.)
Heroic alts:

Do you push M+? What is your raider.io score? (please link if available) While we don't require M+, it's an important part of the gearing process early in an expansion. especially without master loot in BfA.
3148 (Fiber, Assassination), 2701 (Fiberius, Vengeance) and 2293 (Fiberius, Blood). I love M+ and run it all the time.

What is your raiding history in WoW?
I've been raiding since Vanilla and actively on my Rogue since WoD with a brief stint as Havoc in the beg of the expansion. I killed Aggramar with my current guild, Brimstone, and we were rank 632 in the US. Brimstone is also a two day guild, but unfortunately just stopped progression raiding this week due to a few key members leaving for RL reasons. Now I'm looking for a place to continue progression on Argus with the goal of earning Cutting Edge.

What else would distinguish you among other recruits?
I'm smart, articulate and affable. I'm extremely dedicated and loyal. I love playing the game and always look forward to raid nights.

If you're looking to fill multiple raid slots, I know a few good raiders who are also looking for another guild to progress on Argus with.

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