<Maelstrom> [A] is recruiting for BfA

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
<Maelstrom> is looking for new blood for Battle for Azeroth, we are a small/midsized guild that mainly run heroic level raids (Emerald Nightmare 7/7, Trail of Valor 3/3, Nighthold 11/11, Tomb of Sageras 9/9, Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11), mythic plus dungeons and also look forward to running island expeditions and warfronts in BfA. We raid two times a week for two hours per night and are a active guild since vanilla.

We are looking for flexible DPS (can either DPS or heal) and hunters, rogues, death knights or druids, but really looking for anyone that wants to have a good time (so if you are cool, we want you, no matter what class you play).
Many of our members have families and children, so casual is key to keeping the raid team together, but still reaching all our goals in a timely manner in heroic level raiding.

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