[A] Five Veteran Raiders Returning

Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
Hey all!
My name is Keelee. We are a group of five real-life friends that are looking for a place to call home!

Our group consists of:
Resto Shaman
Restro Druid
Blood/Frost DK
Fury/Arms Warrior

We are all long-time players that have recently come back to the game. We are looking for a semi-casual raiding environment with plenty of tomfoolery thrown in. We are ready and willing to move servers - preferably one that is CST or EST. We are available to raid most days of the week.

We may or may not wear pants while we raid.

Will you adopt us? Contact me: KeelyJinx#1272

Thanks for reading! Good hunting!
Hey Keelee!

If you guys are all still looking for a home my guild is recruiting members for BFA ...My guilds name is <Casually Elite> it resides on Sen'jin on the Horde side and its fairly new. Our guild consists of a casual atmosphere with a few hardcore players with an active discord. And our plan for bfa is to have an active raid team to push for aotc for each raid with the possible outcome of mythic raiding...If we do end up mythic raiding and we have a few people that would like to stay casual we would introduce the option of two raid teams...If you would like more info or anything my btag is Stormrider#1445 and ill also link my recruit message here if you would like to check it out https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20764516493

Thanks for reading, hope to hear back from you! -Storm

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