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05/25/2018 05:21 PMPosted by Dawnsky
Two Infernals should still be fairly easy to manage, especially if you're an AoE heavy class like Guardian. They naturally lose HP over time, so having stacking bleeds on them will just make them go inactive more often.

Annihilate is Physical damage so Ironfur is a must on every one.

Oh, I just rolled my cooldowns on them and I was fine. I found using the rage for damage was more beneficial in the long run since Maul hits fairly hard and doesn't incur the GCD. Did something like 7-9 million to him with Maul alone, which to me was more valuable than the extra armor on Annihilate when I have cooldowns that deter more damage.

Also the thing that kills people about the infernals the most in the last phase isn't really the infernals knockback (though it can be a contributor) so much as instability from the AoE the infernals do while they're losing HP. It doesn't tick for much but when you have 2 going at once and incoming stomps and damage from the fel pool it tends to just add stress.

Though ultimately your mileage may vary. I've done the challenge on 4 different druids so far and I found that the zerg method is the least stressful for the last phase, but it's hard to do without the right amount of gear, which 3 out of the 4 weren't geared enough to pull it off. Some people may just prefer to play more defensively, though after 5-6 Annihilates it becomes hard to survive another since by that point it's something like 600-700% more damage from it. The Annihilate damage usually doesn't kill you, it's being low from a stomp that tends to do you in more often than not I found.
05/25/2018 05:21 PMPosted by Dawnsky
Annihilate is Physical damage so Ironfur is a must on every one.

[insert mouth fart sounds here]

This is what I get for starting at 10 PM and working myself into a frothing aggravation for nearly two hours. Never touched the recap once.
Edited my post a bit to clarify a few things and fix some weird wording. Ugh, it's been a long day.
For drunkytanks on Kruul, Peak of Serenity has a great guide on the challenge. Taking their recommended talents is a good decision, especially Angry Dave. With gear these days (920+) he probably won't be up by the time Kruul is active, but at that point use him on cd to soak as many more Annihilations you can.

This fight is all about add control and putting as much dps on Inquisitor and Kruul as possible. Statue Dave can help corral the adds, but I find Leg Sweep much better especially for interrupting Inquisitor/Kruul's casts. An interrupted Drain Life/Twisted Reflection can mean the difference between your misty keg and death.

Ignore the eyes as much as possible. They're annoying and if you go flying off it's usually a game over, but they're nothing compared to the horrors/infernals that could be munching on Velen. Exploding Keg/Keg Smash/BoF will make short work of them while you can try kiting the infernals down until their health drains. Duck out anywhere from 5-9 stacks to clear them, clean up adds, then back on Inquisitor.

Kruul himself isn't too bad, though his Annihilates hit like a monster. The key to his phase is knowing when to purify (or remembering to purify). Having that much stagger damage up and disappear is what will win you the fight. After Annihilation finishes and your stagger explodes, hit Purifying Brew. Black Ox Brew should really be baseline by now. Of course, interrupt as many as you can with Leg Sweep or Paralysis. Once Angry Dave is off cd, he can soak a few for you while you focus Kruul and pick up stray adds.

Gear itself wasn't too bad around 925 with 72+ points. Netherlight traits are valuable but aren't make-or-break like talents and doing the correct mechanics. Leggos were Sal'salabim (which is amazing for extra damage especially in a tight check like this) and Anvil-Hardened Wristwraps (good for brew recharge). I woulda preferred Gai Plin's over Wrists because getting healed for a quarter of the stagger you just purified is essentially a Get Out of Jail Free card that late in the fight.

Few last things. 2/4p20 is very good for Ox orbs which can help supplement Velen's balls. Fang of Tichondrius - optional, but valuable. The amount of leech it has on a 60s cd can pair well with Exploding Keg/Keg Smash/BoF, healing you up to just about full. This goes without saying, but keep ISB on at all times. You never want that to drop.

Compared to all those shenanigans, WW was the easiest challenge I've ever tried. Roughly same gear but WW fists at 62 points, only leggos Cinidaria and Sal'salabim. What took 30+ attempts to clear Kruul, I killed Tugar in five.

... I woulda done it in four, but I... rolled off the cliff into the fel fog in the very first attempt.

That was not one of my proudest moments.
05/25/2018 06:07 PMPosted by Nesune
For drunkytanks on Kruul, Peak of Serenity has a great guide on the challenge. Taking their recommended talents is a good decision, especially Angry Dave. With gear these days (920+) he probably won't be up by the time Kruul is active, but at that point use him on cd to soak as many more Annihilations you can.

Oh god, Angry Dave, I love Invoke Dave and I've forever macro'd its invocation to that name because of that guide.
Final Update from me beyond advice.

I have now finished all the Challenges this week that I wished to do and was geared enough to do, even some extras I originally didn't intend to do. As of right now, I've beaten 12 fights this week alone. And in total I've completed 21 of the 36 Challenges available.

Classes done:

Holy, Protection, & Retribution Paladin
Elemental, & Enhancement Shaman
Blood, Frost, & Unholy Death Knight
Windwalker, Mistweaver, & Brewmaster Monk
Feral, & Guardian Druid
Affliction, Demonology, & Destruction Warlock
Protection, Arms, & Fury Warrior
Havoc, & Vengeance Demon Hunter

This leaves all the Mage, Hunter, Priest, and Rogue specs, along with Restoration Shaman, and Restoration, and Balance Druid.

I have no real interest in the appearances left, but I might gear them up for fun next time the tower comes up as many are horrendously under geared right now.
Outlaw rapiers own bones tho

I hadn't planned on the frost one, but it's pretty nice the more i look at it. Seems like a higher poly or higher texture model than I originally though, which helps.
It's ridiculous how easy some of these are compared to others.

I spent months gearing up my prot warrior, farming legendaries, reorganizing key bindings, watching/reading countless guides, grinding my AP well beyond 75, even resorting to buying high-end armor...
It still cost me so many tears to finally get it. Kruul is really, really hard.

For Frost DK I watched a video, died to the first arcane phase a couple times, got the pattern down, and then cleared the rest of the fight in one go. I don't even have defensive legendaries on my DK.

I watched half a video guide on the Assassination challenge and got it on my second try with Kass.

These weren't flawless runs either. Oh no, I stood in so many things I shouldn't have on Kass and the DK.
Yeah, Sin is incredibly easy once you have gear. As long as you aren't blind and can avoid the valkyr, you're pretty much set. Going from Agatha to that was a really nice cooldown.

I might try Brewmaster before pre-patch hits. Apparently it's pretty easy with Nizuao and gear. I have never played Brewmaster, but gearing shouldn't be too difficult with her main spec being heals and getting into whatever groups I want. The Brew weap looks a lot better in person and in motion than WoWhead's screenshots let on.
I just failed so hard all night on prot pally. I feel scatter brained. Trying to do too much. I think I can focus on dps of boss at my gear lvl. But the adds building up make it soooo chaotic.
Almost time again, friends.

Gonna try Brewmaster. Only 931 and 67 AK. I have never played Brewmaster.

Even with Dave, I'm expecting some tears.
Woooo! 18 tries! Now I have a sick lantern :D
I'm not sure what ones left I might do. I was considering fixing up my Balance weapon and giving that a go.
Outlaw is frustrating at lower iLvls but becomes stupid easy with Antorus gear if you want some sick rapiers
06/02/2018 08:26 PMPosted by Serph
Outlaw is frustrating at lower iLvls but becomes stupid easy with Antorus gear if you want some sick rapiers

They really messed that up by making Thunderfury the Hidden skin in that regard. It just outshines all of Outlaw's skins.
I can only play on the weekends, and I can't dedicate all weekend to WoW, so I did not get nearly as many of these as I'd have liked.

Got subtlety's today which is cool - only assassination left for rogue.

I wanted Guardian Druid's but am undergeared and underleggo'd

Which are the easiest, I may get one more shot where it lines up for me to do some more attempts :D
fkjkdjjdlfk i don't have any. I want Prot Paladin and Gorilla Bear. Aff and Destro Lock would be nice. I don't really care about the rest. Blegh.
Destro lock is the easiest of the three by far. Affliction isn't bad with the cheese strat either if you're doing up to a million DPS with a bit of AoE.

All the tanking ones are going to vary, but I definitely say put effort into them. I've completed all of them and the ones I found hardest to easiest kind of vary for people. I did them from as low as 908 to as high as 935.
Important Update!

06/05/2018 06:02 PMPosted by Ornyx
No specific details on timing at the moment, but we are planning to allow the challenge to be attempted at any time, regardless of the status of the Mage Tower, as we approach the end of Legion.

As said, nothing on timing to share at the moment, but we will share more details when we have them. For now, you can continue your attempts, get those strategies down, and work towards better gear to help you complete the Mage Tower!

You'll be able to attempt the Challenges regardless if the tower is up or not, up until the pre-patch hits.
Mage Tower is now permanently up.

You've got maybe 4 weeks maximum to finish any challenges left.

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