[A] FM <Bastion> - CE 4/4/18 LFM BfA

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Bastion> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild formed in legion looking to fill our roster in preparation for BFA and to continue farming Mythic Antorus. We achieved Cutting Edge 4/4/18 and are currently sitting at 13th on Frostmourne. Our goal for BfA is Top 100 Alliance

We do alt runs on Saturday as well as achievements and M+ together when not raiding.
We are a guild of laid-back and mature players looking for like minded people to join us.
Casuals are always welcome to join for social member positions.

Raid times (Server time):

Wednesday 7:30pm -11pm
Thursday 7:30pm -11pm
Sunday 8pm - 11pm

*Please note during prog if we are close to a kill we might go over raid time by 30 minutes or so or add an optional Monday night raid during the first few weeks of raids opening*
(it is always voted on by the raiders as to whether we do this or not)

BfA Class Desires:

Alts are highly encouraged in pushing for our top 100 alliance spot, and hope our recruits would be willing to swap based on tuning or encounter FOTM.
That being said; exceptional players will always be considered regardless of class. If you think you’re good at what you do, do not hesitate to apply!
If you would like to apply, fill out this google form or contact one of our officers ingame or through Discord.

Apply here:



still looking for exceptional peeps
LF mostly ranged btw
looking for any tanks?
Not super into tank recruitment atm. Have 3 players internally I'd be happy being mt role
LFM. Mages!
Gimme dem casters
Still looking for some players
mostly just ranged at this point unless you have that big resume
LF ranged
LF shooty dudes
updated post !

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