Still got room for some more raiders and socials!
LF experienced players or people willing to learn to join us for BfA!
Did you guys need more melee?

I'm a returning player looking to raid. Have you any room for a warrior dps?

Thank you.
Still looking for a few more!
07/03/2018 07:52 AMPosted by Flûid
Did you guys need more melee?

07/03/2018 07:53 AMPosted by Tyrañde

I'm a returning player looking to raid. Have you any room for a warrior dps?

Thank you.


While we're mostly looking for rdps at the moment we're more than happy to take anyone along, since plenty of people are still working out what they want to play in BfA and the more the merrier! If you're interested in joining us hit me up on bnet! Yudi#11240
At the pointy end of legion and the best time to find a good guild for BFA.
Very active and friendly group to play with but still a couple more spots to fill for the raid team and always welcoming social members.
We've stopped raiding heroic for the time being but still doing weekly meta achieves and alt/fun runs of normal antorus! Come join in! :D
Currently getting pretty full for the raid team but more than happy to take more fun socials in! :D
Still after social members and looking to fill some last raid positions.
Are you guys looking for tanks?
08/05/2018 06:11 AMPosted by Cebese
Are you guys looking for tanks?

Not a free space in our current roster for tanks currently but always open to any exceptional players who can convince us otherwise.

If you would like to have a chat hit up Yudi#7853 or Flu1d#6412 on discord.
Holy !@#$, the hype is real.
Prepare your buckets, tell your friends and family not to try to contact you, it's BFA time!

Looking for a couple more core raiders and always open for social meme-bers.
Wow-wee, how exciting!
Looking for some melee dps to join us! Hit me up :D
Hope everyone is having a fun entry in to BFA!
Still looking for a couple more DPS, one with a solid tank OS plus a Rdruid or Rsham.

Socials always welcome!
Still looking for dps?, can be flexible with other classes too

feel free to add me and have a chat Michael#13477
Hi Guys, I am interested as the times for raid work for me.

Just confirming that this is sever time- 9-12?

Hey guys,

We are pretty full on DPS and tanks currently.
Only specific thing we are looking for is possibly a RDruid.

The times stated are ST.


I am a returning player just looking for people to play with and to raid if possible. Currently working on levelling. If there is still slot available please hook me up. Bnet Omg#6707

Thank you

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