[A] Monk Looking for Guild

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
I'm about 936 on all specs and enjoy playing all of them, looking for a guild mostly to meet people to do mythic pluses with. I don't have a set schedule at work so I can't commit to raid times unfortunately, but I would be plenty happy to hop in raids as a bench member or something. Mostly I spend my time doing mythic pluses and would like to have people to run them with rather than pugging all the time.

I've been playing since early BC, casually raiding off and on since Wrath. Don't tend to play super late or early in the day, and am on the west coast. Reply to this post or hit me up in game if you'd like. Thanks!
You may be better off in a bigger guild than ours... however, give me a yell some time if you like. Mythic pluses are one of our favorite activities, and you don't look very far off progression wise from where we lurk. I'll keep an eye out for you, and maybe have a chance to grab you next time I put a group together.


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