[A] <Comfort Eagle> 4/11M - LF rDPS

Guild Recruitment
We are looking for geared and enthusiastic players for weekly Mythic ABT progression in hopes to build a solid team for Battle for Azeroth and beyond!

DPS x2 -- Mage, Priest, Druid (Balance)

Website: http://comforteagle.us/
Raid Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00pm-11:00pm EST
Cleared: 3/11 Mythic ; 4/11 Mythic Xrealm
Faction: Alliance


Newly formed this February, we are a quickly growing community of players who are always looking to progress and improve where-ever possible. Our primary focus is on having a great time with a great group of people, but there's an agreed sentiment that we all enjoy progressing, logging, and improving in the face of challenging content. Our motto has always been "to play what your heart desires;" this is a hobby after all. We will have fun, laugh, joke, and grow together as a family. You will never feel ignored because your voice matters to us. We will grow together through Mythic+, random achievements and old content, as well as in other games.

However, there will be expectations set on everyone to know their class and how play it to the best of their abilities. This means research, character sims, spreadsheets, consistent experimentation with what works and doesn't work, working with peers in the same class, etc. Each of us brings a loyalty and dedication to our family, and it's how we have been so successful in just 4 short months. We believe that progression and community build off of each other and we revere both equally. If this sounds like your playstyle and the right fit for you, then feel free to send us a message!

Contacts: ollamh#11246 & DiddlesdaFox#1548
Dat website doe!
I know, right?
Friendly Community, willing to help members improve!

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