<Bloody Vengeance> now recruiting!

Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia
<Bloody Vengeance> is a casual and devoted guild now recruiting Members! We are primarily looking for reliable players to add to our core raid team. However, we always welcome friendly players who would like to join our community.

We are an 11/11 Heroic Antorus Progression guild. We plan on engaging in active Mythic Antorus raids once our core group is fully assembled.

Bloody Vengeance promotes a casual feel in our raids, however our core team is devoted to improvement and progression. We are not hardcore raiders, yet we insist all core raiders know the fights and mechanics, and preform to the best of their abilities with a consistent will to improve. We keep raid logs so that players may track and evaluate their performance.

We will be progressing through all of the New raid content in BFA when it becomes available.

Desired Rolls
Main Tank- Accepting Applicants for 2nd tank position.

DPS- Accepting applicants from any class, Primarily looking for a rogue!

Healers- Looking for healers that are willing to heal when requested and are okay playing DPS when required.

Core Raider Requirements
All new additions to the Core raid team must have an ilvl of 960+ and their Argus the Unmaker AOTC. Use of Discord while raiding is a requirement, microphone not always required, but being able to listen to raid channel is.

Raid Times:
Wednesday - Main Raid 8pm-11pm
Thursday- Main Raid 8-11pm
Friday- PvP Night 8-11pm
Saturday- Alt Raid Night 8-11pm

Mythic+ Runs
Bloody Vengeance has multiple members running Mythic dungeons at various times throughout the week. We encourage players to run atleast a 15+ every week when possible, there are many opportunities to join a guild group to achieve this.

Friday Night is our PvP night. We have Historically ran RBGs when enough interested players are available. Many members run rated arenas and are always looking for new guildies to pair up with. We are looking to expand our group of core PvP members so we can run Weekly RBGs. Accepting all applicants interested in becoming part of our expanding PvP team.

Along with all of the above activites we also welcome casual players that are just interested in leveling and exploring all of the content WoW has to offer. We promote a friendly and social environment and are always willing to welcome on new friends!

We have a very active social community in discord. Our server contains a multitude of voice and text channels relating to a range of topics. We encourage our members to participate and share in the guild discord server!

How to join
Any current member of the guild can send you and invite. /who "Bloody Vengeance" and request an invite from an online member.

If interested in Joining our core raid team simply whisper Wuvwuv, Harambeheals, or any online officer and express to them your interest and desired role.

If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to send mail to Harambeheals-Burning Blade

The battle of Azeroth approaches! For the Horde!

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