{H} <Casually Elite> Recruiting for bfa

Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
Progression: Most of us are 6/11M antorus
Raid times: Most likely will be on the weekends but will be discussed when more people flow in.
What are we looking for: We are open to all classes & specs for pve and pvp.

Who are we?
Casually Elite is a brand new guild that resides on the connected realms of Sen’jin & Quel’dorei. Honestly our name says it all. Our goal is to push for Aotc for each raid in BFA with the possible result of becoming a mythic raiding guild. We formed because of past experiences with guild leaders and raid leaders and we hope to use their mistakes in hopes of making a better raid in fixing them. We also dabble with pvp such as arenas, rbgs, and regular bgs as well as Mythic dungeons.

We encourage all raiders to have discord and the basic list of addons (Big Wigs, Details, etc).
If you think you are interested in this guild or if u simply have any questions you can contact me in game (Tempeststorm-Sen’jin) or my btag (Stormrider#1445) or my right hand man (Didds#11332). Thanks for reading and hope to see you around!

The following information is needed:
Character name
Day’s you can raid and times.
Past raiding experience/Pvp experience.
Still looking for more members message below or add me on btag!
update: still recruiting for bfa
looking for pvpers and raiders for bfa!!! :D
Interested. Kindabigdeal#1965 is my btag hit me up.
Wait i dont have u as btag friend o.o :(
still recruiting
Some friends and I are looking for a new home. All past raiders in a mainly casual environment. My btag is nudegamer#1576 and a friends is rabbhimslf#1159. Either one of us can relay info for the others

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