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Can't level your alchemy because you need some damned corks? Terrified of the dungeon finder, leery of the premade and not enough WoW friends to complete them?

ASF, All Shall Fade, is the answer to all your problems. We are close knit WoW family currently rebuilding and refreshing our family and we want you...yes YOU. If you're interested in raiding, we will start you from scratch in the earlier raids, help you gear up and teach you the fights.

Solo play is fun but playing with friends is better. If you are worried about having no raid experience no problem, that means you are a blank slate open to learning. If you are socially inept that's cool, wait till you meet the co-gm. If you have years of raid lead experience and can solo ABT we won't discriminate against you.

Seriously, all are welcome. We are not, and I repeat, we are not, looking for just raiders, we are looking for family members to fill our home with friendly, helpful, sociable people. Who enjoy hanging out and having fun.

Both long-time players and players completely new to the game have found a place with us over the years. Play-styles of our members vary from dedicated raiders to more casual players who join to be part of an active community for PvE, PvP and socializing.

Working together to achieve your in-game goals is what World of Warcraft is all about. Doing battlegrounds, dungeons, scenarios, (retro) raids, helping with personal achievements, gear for transmogrification, hunting for rare mobs, making tedious world quests fun in guild groups is our lifeblood as a community. We are a group of fun loving people, who offer a causal progression raiding event on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 - 9:00 (PST) server time. Joining the raid team is not mandatory to join the guild, urr, umm family. :)

It is just an event that we put together each week for our members to get together and have fun progressing through content. To learn raid mechanics, get better gear, work on rotation, learn about their spells and so on.

If this sounds like a home you might be interested in or have any questions please feel free to either contact Draísyn, Kizmatic or Ismera in game or add me to btag - Kizi#1102 or MsSoul#1684
Lightbringer away! (Also, for Issy!)

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