Shoutout to Alcaris on Fenris

Dragonblight and Fenris
Yesterday, I was camping the Time Lost Proto Drake on my own while working on my other monitor. About an hour into it, a Paladin drops in and says hi, compliments me on my tmog, and waves goodbye. Nice enough - thank you!

Today, I'm doing the same thing and the same Pally stops again, asks if I'm farming TLPD, and suggests we group up. Good idea, but I warn him I'm actually working and just have WoW running on a second monitor, and will be AFK at various times. Turns out he's in exactly the same boat.

A couple of hours later, just as I'm getting ready to get onto a call, he whispers me that he's got the TLPD and if I'm nearby to come to him. We were camping different spots. I fly over, and just as I get there, TLPD goes down. We both get the mount!

Alcaris - thank you for being cool, and not just killing that drake as soon as it spawned - you are the best! I really appreciate it! You showcase the best part of WoW - teamwork!

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