What role do you never play?

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Healing is what I do the least amount of, though I cover many of the roles most of the time. Healing though... it's just super stressful and no matter what Class/Spec I play I've yet to find a Healer that feels intuitive too me. Druid Restoration is the closest I get, all those AoE's make it a lot easier when running Dungeons or Raids, but just... eh. ♥
I have 6 110's and they're all tanks. I love being the center of attention, and when I'm soloing I can't not pull 11 mobs and just turtle until everything is dead.
05/24/2018 06:48 AMPosted by Amalina
I really need to start whispering compliments to my tanks, even us healers don't get as much crap as they do.

When healing I just abort if they get abusive because theyve pulled too much and I cant heal that fast.
I think some of these jokers understand DPS but dont get that HPS is a real thing too.
Most healing isnt instant and theres only so much to go around.
05/24/2018 08:22 AMPosted by Figaro
I love being the center of attention

No offense intended, but that is never a good thing in a TEAM effort.
tanking stresses me out, and I am a terrible tunneling dps.
tanking. just cant get past people always trying to pull for me even when i go at a fast pace. i go slow they pull for me, i go fast healer cant heal me through the dmg and the dps is so low they can't even clear trash that fast then we wipe and people blame me. when i dps i pull for tanks at times but i pull what i can handle.

other then that i started out as a healer and dont mind it anymore but it isn't as fun as i used to have so now i just dps. it's fun in pvp but i dont care for pvp much in this game. not when everything is just silencing you and stunning you to death and nobody is peeling.
Tank in particular.

-I have never been able to get into warrior/barbarian chars in any game.
-I am the queen of getting lost. Tanks set the pace and lead the group so that would be terrible.
-I get really anxious and the pressure would likely cause a panic attack.

I also rarely heal and have only done so in low level dungeons. It was an accident really. I discovered my monk was a better healer than the actual healer despite being in DPS spec. It was not so bad really. I have never had a healing max level though or healed a raid.

Any game I play I am DPS, including Diablo 2 and 3. I have multiple rogues, two at max level, a warlock, Feral Druid, Mage, Demon Hunter or two at or close to max. pew pew stab stab!
05/24/2018 08:24 AMPosted by Iminnarut
05/24/2018 08:22 AMPosted by Figaro
I love being the center of attention

No offense intended, but that is never a good thing in a TEAM effort.

No offense taken, it's the TEAM looking up at me that makes it worth it.
Healing. I tried it once in Wrath Naxx, and never even put the spec on any of my toons ever again.
in dungeons? dps. the queue times are so good for healer/tank, i don’t think i’ve been dps in months (except on my hunter who has to be dps). at this point i actually uncheck dps because i’m so used to healing/tanking; it’d throw me for a minor loop to get dps instead
Tanking. It's stressful to me in a way that healing just isn't. Heck, I find dpsing a bit more stressful than healing.

I took to healing like a fish to water. I love healing! Rather than finding the pressure intimidating as with tanking, I thrive on it, it's invigorating and fun. It's what I'd most prefer to do, but my guild has too many healers so I swapped.

But tanking is just too much for me these days except the occasional low-ish difficulty 5 man with friends. I have done a little bit of alt-raid type raid tanking, ages back. It was entertaining for my group anyway ;) And the low pressure applied to those few runs helped a lot.

That said, I do believe that getting at least some experience with all 3 (4, if counting rdps/mdps separately) roles is important. I value the time I have spent tanking, I value what I have taken away from it as a healer. I just don't want to do it often at all, and never for people I don't know outside of particularly easy world bosses.
I healed MoP entirely and lived it, but when 20-man raids were introduced I didn't like the "Let's stack more Healer's because xyz." thing the raids teams I was in liked to do to cheese encounters -- it was boring. Not nearly as exciting as 2/2/6 composition.
05/23/2018 08:24 PMPosted by Asana
Healing. Total respect for healers, but I'm just not really a support type. And I don't like the pressure either. If everyone starts dropping really fast I have no idea what to do or how to prioritize things. xD

Cast Revival to quickly try and stabilize 'em all, then cast Life Cocoon on whoever is really messed up :)

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