Sonic Death Monkey recruiting

Eitrigg and Shu'halo
Sonic Death Monkey is recruiting new members. Here's a link to our guild recruitment forum post:

Hope to hear from you soon, and if we don't, I hope you find a great guild for yourself! Have a great day!
SDM (5/11M Antorus) looking for more!

Seeking exceptional raiders, with AotC a week before the raid opened, ilvl 1000 pre-squish, and.....

Well, no. We don't expect to find many like that on EItrigg/Shu'halo. While we have a few members of that quality, what we're really looking for is compatible people. Players who can be depended on, who fit with our mostly laid-back raiding style, who won't drive our GM, Psychomantis, to sighs (too often).

SDM transferred to Eitrigg when the server opened, Feb '06, raiding continuously since Molten Core. We've been cutting edge, we've been middle of the pack, but we're here, still raiding. Expecting to kill a few new bosses before BfA. A few more raiders would help that goal.

Check the guild web site for more information:

Yes, the site is nearly as old as the guild itself, but it works. Traditionally, the guild has recruited by word of mouth, and among friends. At the moment, we're looking wider. We ask you to fill out an application for a few reasons: you're interested enough to take a few minutes to do so, we can learn a bit about you, demonstrate you can follow directions. If you prefer to skip the application, in game contact GM Psychomantis (Psychosiss is not Psycomantis) or Nuub (aka Nuublet).

Also, check out our web site links to Fartcraft! A compliation of some of our finest raiding and mythic+ moments by our own Flabutt! Er, um, well, maybe not the finest, but see for yourselves.

Main raid: Tues/Thurs 7:30PM - 10:30PM server
3rd main night: Mon 7:30PM - 10:30PM server (either more progression, alts, achievements, whatever fits depending on point in raid tier etc)
Alt raid: Sun 7:30PM - 10:30PM server (all members welcome, some minimum requirements depending on difficulty)
Is SDM still recruiting raiders at this point for BFA?

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