[H]7/8N 4/8H Late Night Guild

Guild Recruitment
Stronger Than Death is a late night Horde raiding guild on Hyjal looking for more raiders for Uldir.

1. Server Information: The server is Hyjal on Horde side. The server time is PST, founding members live in CST.

2. Guild Information: We are a Horde Raiding guild on the server Hyjal. Our goal is to clear Heroic. We are still a small guild so guild activity during the week may vary.

3. Raid times: The current plans for raids are 1-3 AM CST Wednesday and Thursday. Mostly active at around midnight CST, but some are on through out the day.

4. Who we are Looking for:

Healer: 2-3 (Preferrably a Priest/Monk/Paladin)

DPS: 8-10

Tanks: No immediate needs. Could use a Monk tank though.

Members willing to backup different roles will be greatly appreciated as well.

5.Raid Requirements:

Enchanted/Gemmed gear, consumables(though we try to have feasts and cauldrons)

Discord(at least to listen to call outs)

Min ilvl: 355

6. Contact Information: Pernach is my main, Szythe, Balestarius and Utar are my alts on Hyjal. Officers are Orthaku, Cyrptic, Zeldix, and Lianil. If we're not online, just send an in game mail or post in this forum thread.

My battletag is Freedombacon#1734
Made a couple edits.
Added a few more members to the guild, still need more.
Hoping to start raiding Antorus in a week or so. Looking to add more players. Still need at least a tank, a healer, and a few dps.
I'd be interested in moving over to Hyjal to join though I'm not home from work till about 30 minutes after raids start but could be a backup healer if someone can't show until daylight savings moves back an hour and then I'll be on time as I live in Arizona. I'm still interested though as I'd prefer to be part of a guild that is active when I'm on which is 130am - 7ish am CST.
My battletag is Freedombacon#1734. I'd be willing to talk to you more about your situation.
Ranged DPS and healer will be joining our guild for BFA, still could use a few more.
Updated schedule and current needs.
Updated for BFA.
Recruited a couple more, updated needs.
Updated Post.
Warlock looking for raid group deemac#1148 add me
Updated info.

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