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With the current Beta build, Beta testers are experiencing the entirety of the Warfronts: Battle for Stromgarde experience. An alternating cycle kicked off on Thursday, June 7 between the Horde and Alliance vying for control of Stromgarde and Arathi Highlands. Both Horde and Alliance testers have queued since then.

Here’s an outline of how the cycle works:

  • The Alliance starts with ownership of Arathi Highlands, and Horde players challenge them by contributing professions items, gold, and War Resources to help their faction build up enough strength to attack. This is a region-wide effort.
  • Once enough contributions are supplied by the region, the Warfront: Battle for Stromgarde unlocks and Horde players are able to queue for the experience. This queue remains open for a set duration, allowing players to complete the Warfront on a schedule that works for them.
  • After the Horde attack is complete, the Horde takes control of Arathi Highlands, giving them access to a unique World Boss and a series of rare spawns and other rewards only available during the period when their faction owns the zone.
  • The Alliance then begins contributing resources to challenge Horde control.

The cycle continues perpetually, with each faction competing against the other to gain access more quickly or reduce the enemy team’s access to the zone. Currently, the queue window in the Beta is set to remain open for 2 days.

Notably, this update included a first look at a completely updated version of the Arathi Highlands zone, including new creatures, as well as access to your faction’s base in the zone, and plenty of other surprises.

Please feel free to post your feedback on Warfronts in this thread, and please submit issues with Warfronts to our BFA Beta Bug Report Forum.
Is there a limit to how much gold you can contribute at once? Could someone with a ton of gold just instantly finish the resource collection and flip it immediately?
06/11/2018 01:47 PMPosted by Ningpartos
Is there a limit to how much gold you can contribute at once? Could someone with a ton of gold just instantly finish the resource collection and flip it immediately?
I wouldn't worry too much about it - it looks like gold is only one of the many things you need to collect and it's region wide, so the total is probably something fairly high.

Given that this is something that's meant to swap regularly, even people with tons of gold wouldn't bother dumping hundreds of thousands or millions into it.
I'm sure they have a per person cap or a set amount of times they can contribute when it comes to gold.
It felt really jarring to me that PvP talents were disabled in a warfront.

My Q popped as I was doing world quests and world pvp. Losing the talents as I zoned in seemed to emphasize that it wasn't really PvP.
06/11/2018 01:24 PMPosted by Kaivax
each faction competing against the other

Against each other? Will there be a mode where we actually face other players? Because if not, it's not really Ally VS Horde, it's PvE just like everything else.
Do we have to complete the warfront each time it becomes active in order to gain access to the world boss and other rewards or are those open to everyone once our faction has taken control?

I have done two rounds so far, and while they were fun, I did not enjoy them enough to complete them regularly if there is no other compelling reason to do so. Perhaps having higher difficultly levels could make them more interesting, but it feels like they would be best if they were PVP.

I really like the elements of base building, gathering resources, pushing lanes, etc, but with them being PVE it seems like they will be too predictable and uninteresting. I imagine if PVP would be incorporated into them that they would turn into much longer battles reminiscent of old school AV, but would that be a bad thing?
Ran the warfront last night, and the good news was there was no major game-breaking bugs. Everything actually went quite smoothly.

A couple things:

Raid frames with roles would be very nice. Healers and tanks are absolutely needed here, and it should be sorted like a normal raid.

You can kite bosses/rares pretty far. Objective bosses do leash, which makes sense. But you can drag the rarespawns to your team.

Why can't we heal friendly NPCs? Especially when one of your bases is under attack?

Some of the buffs seem vastly undertuned. A long, zone wide quest for a 10 minute buff to healing done? TONS of resources poured into altar of storms for a 10% buff for 10 minutes. Both of these buffs should be permanent, not 10 minutes, and not fading upon death. Otherwise it's useless compared to upgrading your keep, getting siege engines etc.

Do something about heal aggro. If a freshly spawned attack squad charges your raid they usually just delete your healers.

There should be a clearer warning when you get too close to the enemy commander with guard towers still up. The little icon looks just like when you get close to the mortars. Add a sound/red popup "You are too close to enemy towers, wait for your siege engines to knock them down"

Muradin/Rokhan should do a bit more leading. It would be especially nice to know where recently spawned troops are heading. Or it would be nice when recruiting them to give them a target.

The enemy should mount a major offensive once or twice, where without player involvement they actually pose a threat to your keep.

A recruit-a-bodyguard option would be nice for teams that are short on healers or tanks.

The whole thing has a major WC3 vibe to it. It would be amazing to see NPC Hero units that you fight alongside.

Have a reward of wood/iron for taking over a base or defeating enemy attack squads.
The war front itself went okay except for a lone knight that evade bugged in our base. Everything else around the edges seemed broken and confusing.

The buildings you contribute to are still invisible.

I queued for the war front, won, and came back later in the day and couldn't take the portal to arathi. I tried flying there in the old world and the attacking base was occupied by ghosts. Came back to the docks later and the portal was on offer, but the only world quest was the world boss and a whole bunch of regular quests with no rewards, This was offered from the attacking base, I thought we were meant to occupy stromgarde once we won?

The only group in queue for the world boss had war mode toggled off and no way to tell from the group finder that it was the case so I had to hoof it to org and back after I joined. The boss wasn't flagged as faction tag or like regular world bosses so only 5 people got credit.
Feedback on the 120 version of Arathi:

There are clearly 2 "classes" of rares in AH. Please bump up the "group only" rares by 1 level. It's weird that some rares out there can 3-shot me, and others are soloable by anybody with decent gear. But you can't tell them apart without fighting them.

It seems incomplete. Once you get all the toys/whatever, there should be something else to do out there. I'm guessing not implemented yet? There's also no associated faction.
06/11/2018 01:47 PMPosted by Ningpartos
Is there a limit to how much gold you can contribute at once? Could someone with a ton of gold just instantly finish the resource collection and flip it immediately?

The rewards for handing in contributions are decent amount of azurite, so they are well worth parting with gold, war resources and profession items that you don't really need. The gold quest you can only hand in once per day it seems. The war resources you can hand in multiple times until you run out of them. Not sure of the others.

I had a lot of fun doing the warfronts. At the moment there is no reward. The big question is what will keep making people come back to do them?

You can spend 30-60 mins in there, depending on how badly organized the team is. At the moment it's not necessary to do the warfront battle to gain access to the Arathi Highlands zone with rares and world boss. Unless the reward is good enough, people won't bother after a while.

I'm hoping that it will be more than just Azurite and different difficulties will be implemented, with greater challenge and rewards. Also hoping in future for a PvP version!
It might be a good idea to explain that War Campaign progress stalls during the Warfront iteration. My toon got stuck at the "Make a donation" portion while the Alliance had control of Arathi.

Maybe participating in the Warfront can be considered a "donation?" Just a thought. Y'know, giving blood and treasure in person, etc...
Warfront armour rewards and expansion progression
I mentioned this in another thread but I'll repeat it here: this is about Warfront progression over the expansion, gear rewards (from a cosmetic perspective) and keeping people motivated to maintain healthy queues.

This view relates to the awesome three-tiered faction-themed armour sets and is predicated on what I'm seeing at the moment in the Appearances Sets interface where it appears to suggest that those tiered armour sets (when I use the term tiers here I'm just referring to their visual flavour) are rewarded like so:

Tier 1 - Aspirant
Tier 2 - Warfronts
Tier 3 - Gladiator

Which suggests to me that the first and third tier sets are rewarded for PvP while only the middle tier is rewarded for Warfronts (somehow). Now, this post is not about having a cry about PvP rewards or devaluing PvP achievements.

To wit, when we found out that class sets were no longer going to be rewarded for raid tiers I thought 'Cool, that just means we'll get more sets as an enticement for doing the other new group content like Warfronts and Island Expeditions.' But now it appears as though we're only going to get the middling faction sets from Warfronts. Or are the other sets supposed to be available in later Warfronts? I'm not seeing them in Island Expeditions, either.

Obviously there is some plan in place so a lot of the above is just assumptions and speculation and likely completely wrong. But for the sake of feedback, here's what my imagination had planned.

What I was hoping for
  • I presumed a new Warfront would drop in each major patch; so four of them over the course of the expansion.
  • Warfronts would have a faction-like progression system (like 'Renown' or 'War Hero') associated with them whereby each patch cycle would open up a tier of of this progression. By doing Warfronts and maybe completing specific goals in Warfronts the player would earn points for this system. Maybe rather than being like a faction, it works a bit more like a level system (e.g. 100 levels, 25 per tier) so it feels a bit different from factions and you can get dings with on-screen flair for each level.
  • Over the course of getting more points they would unlock gear that's part of the relevant faction set, and with each new patch and new Warfront, the next tier of the faction set would unlock for those who have progressed through.
  • Ultimately, players who have made the commitment to the Warfronts over the expansion would finish the fourth, maximum tier where they could be rewarded with maybe a Mythic-like bling version of the third faction set.

At least, that's how I personally was hoping it would work. I know some people hate grinds. But I thought this would be neat because:

  • It would be a good carrot-on-the-stick to keep people coming back to Warfronts over the course of the expansion and thus help to keep queue times down.
  • It provides a nice expansion-long commitment that players can work towards and feel satisfied with when they get to the end because they got a genuinely cool reward.
  • Everybody gets a shot at being able to have a really awesome faction-pride armour set in the faction-pride expansion, instead of the best sets being limited to only a special minority. If these weren't faction themed sets we were talking about (and didn't look so darn great), I wouldn't feel so strongly about it.
  • There's a bit of a nice story to it where the the player becomes a renowned war hero over the expansion and gets more impressive armour to reflect it, maybe there could be a couple of little quests to collect your final armour piece at each stage which can deliver this tidbit of connective story. Maybe you get a title achievement at the end to boot.
  • I suppose from a resource perspective for Blizzard it means they don't have to create any more assets for PvE Warfront rewards (other than the above mentioned bling versions of the third-tier) and could potentially direct that effort to giving PvP players some more unique rewards, especially Gladiators (which I could never hope to be myself).

Anyway, that's all. I acknowledge that I'm reading a lot into information in the Appearances. I just feel like, if my interpretation is correct, Warfronts could use more enticement to keep people playing them, and there's a pretty reasonable system (imho) right there. There's just great desirable armour and weapon assets sitting there for the faction themes that I feel could be put to better use. All this is, of course, assuming there isn't more to this we just haven't seen yet.

How do you queue for this and which characters are open to do these ? I was able to queue for the one during the 'play with blues' event but I have no clue how to do this now.
-Making contributions to play Warfronts isn't fun.
-Warfronts are too easy.
-Spam units on the Barrack to win fast.
-Enemy waves are too easy to control by one player, just kite the NPCs to your base.
-Having healers and tanks makes training units almost irrelevant.
-People without minning are not useful to gather Iron.
-Content in the middle of the map is ignored (Circle of elements caves, etc).
-Rares are ignored.
-No real danger after you take the last point before assaulting the enemy fortress.

I wanted Warfronts to be available at all times, making them an alternative to raiding or pvp, similar to the classic AV grind, but against AI.

Warfronts had the potential to be something really fun, but you turned them into a PvE Tol Barad.
Feedback from the side that owns Arathi here:

Arathi has very, very little to do in general. There are no lvl 120 ore nodes or herbs to farm, and there is only one world boss in the zone. The rest are regular elites or silver elite mobs (which are easy to solo on a tank, might take a couple dps depending on class).

When WoTLK introduced Wintergrasp it was so successful, the battle had to be instanced, not only because the concept was new but also because the best herbs and ores spawned there, so there were always people from both factions populating the area (not to mention that the rewards from Vault of Archavon were kept relevant through the entire expansion, keeping interest fresh).

Arathi was empty when I went there to kill the world boss with my guild. I actually went into Stromgarde, which was supposed to be with the Alliance, to kill one of the special elites, and there was no enemy faction npc to stop me.

There was one Alliance npc in the entrance to the mine that I had to kill to get out of after killing the Kobold special elite. It was easily soloable.

I also saw only one Alliance player in the entire zone. I know it's intended as the portal only works while you hold the area, but it makes the entire faction war "experience" lackluster.

With only 5 quests and one world boss the Arathi Warfront area has nothing to attract people to it more than one day, and considering it's on an automated weekly cycle it makes for content that will quickly be outdated.

As for the Warfront instance: the battle takes a long time, many people leave before it ends out of boredom.
Because it's not necessary for the players to actually do the scenario to gain access to the open area, people lose motivation to do it, especially as the rewards are cosmetic and consist of only one set of armor per armor type, which is something that lowers replayability.
Please allow queuing for warfronts (and island expeditions) from group finder. it's a pain to run all the way back to base.
06/11/2018 02:26 PMPosted by Werdner
It felt really jarring to me that PvP talents were disabled in a warfront.

This is my only real complaint so far. It's not PvP, but it's very obviously horde v alliance and it would make sense for PvP talents to be enabled.

My only other minor complaint is that when you get the storm buff you have to run back to base, and then back to the action. I think that when you turn in the storm and get the buff, you should be able to launch yourself back into combat with a lightning storm or something.
06/12/2018 10:00 AMPosted by Stormaker
06/11/2018 02:26 PMPosted by Werdner
It felt really jarring to me that PvP talents were disabled in a warfront.

This is my only real complaint so far. It's not PvP, but it's very obviously horde v alliance and it would make sense for PvP talents to be enabled.

My only other minor complaint is that when you get the storm buff you have to run back to base, and then back to the action. I think that when you turn in the storm and get the buff, you should be able to launch yourself back into combat with a lightning storm or something.

With your minor complaint, I find the easiest time get the buffs is when you die, and you rez right there. Then, it's just a matter of running back.
I don't know if it's timing or what, but I can never seem to get through a queue. I tried multiple times on various days to queue, waiting half hour to an hour each time, and never getting in.

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