[H][Windrunner/Darrowmere]<Chocobo Banditos>

Guild Recruitment
[H] [Windrunner/Darrowmere] <Chocobo Banditos>
Hey there. We are currently looking to finish out our core raid group for semi-hardcore group. We want to be pushing Heroic into Mythic raiding along with doing Mythic + as guild groups.
We are an easy going group varying from people in college to people with spouses and children. We are looking for members who want to enjoy the game, have some fun raiding, and doing other guild activities. We are a friendly group, willing to help out new players or returning players.
We are raiding Tuesday/Thursdays from 9 pm - 11 pm Mountain. Also, having dedicated Mythic +/PvP evenings on Wednesdays or Sundays (Still TBD).
If this is something that interests you and you'd like to chat a bit more then hit me up on discord @czarni#2216. I'd like to chat with you and see if this is something you want to be apart of.

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