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If you haven't read the latest comic yet, I'd recommend doing so here:

Within it, the Void whispers to Alleria that Sylvanas serves the "true enemy". Sylvanas clearly does not serve the Light- what we've been lead to believe is the diametric opposite of the Void- so who could the Void whispers be referring to?

Let us consider two things: firstly, that Locus-Walker has alluded to the Light and Void as not being opposites, but rather a duality. Second, the greatest enemy of both the Light and the Void has not been each other, but in fact Sargeras' and his Burning Legion.

The goal of the Burning Legion was to eradicate all life, so that a universe ruled by void could not come to fruition. Meanwhile, we have seen both in BC and Legion that the Light has been far more concerned with stopping the Burning Legion than it has been with fighting the void and old gods.

Another entity also sought to end all life- the Lich King. The Lich King is also a byproduct of Sargeras' legion- Kil'jaeden first brought the orc Ner'zhul into servitude, who in turn corrupted Arthas.

Many forces of the Light sought to bring about the Scourge's end, such as the Argent Dawn. Meanwhile, in the quest "The Search for Slinkin", the following is stated of the Scourge and their animosity towards the void creation Yogg-Saron:

The miners work tirelessly to unearth the strange ore that fuels the Scourge war machines. There is much banter. The language of death confounds me, but I have been able to identify commonly uttered sounds and phrases. The word "Yogg-Saron" is said with great contempt and is usually followed by loud outbursts.

So it seems that both the Light and the Void were enemies of the Scourge. Meanwhile, the Scourge and Burning Legion- the former of which is a byproduct of the latter- had a commonality. They both desired the end of all life.

As we saw alluded to with Xe'ra and Illidan, the Light's ultimate goal is to bring life to subjugated obedience. Meanwhile, the void seeks to consume all life, and bring about all possibilities- to imbue the world with chaos. If life and existence were eradicated in their entirety, though, neither the Void nor the Light would be able to accomplish their goals.

Tying this all back to Sylvanas- her newfound goal seems to be the eradication of life in order to bring about an era of undeath. This marks her both as an enemy of the Light and the Void; a faction under her jurisdiction would be the new Legion; the new Scourge.

Could it be that Azeroth's future is not in fact continued animosity between the Horde & Alliance, but rather to join together in combatting death itself as lead by Sylvanas? Will we fight for the existence of life in the Great Dark as members of the Horde and Alliance, or rather as agents of the Light & Void? Leave your thoughts below!
Honestly, I'm not a big fan of line of thought. Our enemies are the Light, the void, and now the Scourge?

Wouldn't the Horde and Alliance do the same thing they always do when something threatens them? Kill it? If the Light is out to kill us, we'll just kill it. If the void breaks into the physical realm and tries to devour us, we'll just kill it.

And hell we already beat the Scourge once. No reason why we wouldn't just do it again.
@Daiza it hasn't been explicitly confirmed yet that the Light is our enemy, though Xe'ra certainly alluded to it.

It could be that the Light, Void, and Sylvanas' Scourge are all enemies of each other as well as enemies of us.

Alternatively, Sylvanas' Scourge may become the new big bad, with us allying with either the Light or Void to bring about its end.

Perhaps the Horde & Alliance will remain as factions throughout that, or perhaps they will dissolve as these new factions become more prevalent.
Another take on things, that would also bring about a second Scourge (albeit take away from the thought that the Void opposes death):

There's a lot of Saronite up in Northrend; certainly the remnants of Yogg-Saron could serve to corrupt the new Lich King, Bolvar. He might bring about a new Scourge that is in service of the Void itself; the Void would thusly want Sylvanas dead as she'd surely oppose them.
We could also end up joining the Scourge to fight off both the light and the void. In the next expansion we might see us taking out the void and then the two factions then become, instead of Horde and Alliance, Scourge and The Light. It would be an interesting turn of events.
I just hope they will not set up Alleria as the new Leader of the Alliance in opposition to Sylvanas, so that death and the void face each other.
Who would lead the light though? Alleria goes void and Sylvanas would be scourge... Vareesa?
It doesn't necessarily need to be one of the Windrunner sisters.
06/07/2018 11:17 PMPosted by Leehoi
Who would lead the light though? Alleria goes void and Sylvanas would be scourge... Vareesa?

Anduin, of course. Who else would it be?
I don't think there is an actual true enemy it could be a concept or an idea.
You’re forgetting one thing. The burning legions second tier leaders the Nazthrim, created Frostmourne and helped refine undeath.

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