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About Myself: I've pugged my way so far after coming back from Hiatus due to having a child. In prior expansions I've always been on the top of my game. TBC though MoP I was raiding semi-hardcore. Achieving Cutting edge on most content. I had a child during the launch of WoD and decided to step back. I played very casually after that with just Flex/Heroic clears on WoD content. In Legion I stopped playing until NH where I did fully clear it. My schedule changed so I stopped playing briefly. My friends and Guild have all stopped playing since then and I want to find a new home. My hope it find a new home that I can (hopefully) clear H ANT and push Heroics/Mythic's in BFA. I currently play Warlock, Restoration Druid, Hunter and DPS Warrior. I would like to main DPS, preferably my Warlock. I'll be able to make a better decision once the Pre-Patch goes live.

Raid Times Needs: Warlock seeking Heroic or Mythic Progression Raid Team that raids roughly after 1:30am EST on weeknights or anytime during the Weekend.

What I'm looking for: I am looking for a Home, not just a guild. A place that I can find new friends and build something. I want to be a part of the Guild. So if there's a spot for me on a Raid Team, PvP Team, M+ Team, I wanna be there! I rather be playing with positive people. There's enough hate and negativity in the world, I don't want to spend my time with people who tear each other a part. Also, you must be Horde. I don't enjoy playing on Alliance much anymore. I'm not sure why either lol.

Contact me at B.net: Dimm#1121
Hey, I have two kids myself and most of our guild are parents. Positive people who we just like to laugh and have a good time. N/H progression raid, Mythic + groups, and there's some people getting a PvP group together. We are looking to raid on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8 pm MST to about 10 or 11 pm MST. Let me know if that's something you're interested in. Contact me on discord at czarni#2216 or our channel https://discord.gg/yVtpyJy
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

8/11M Antorus

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
Neither of you apparently read my needs lol. MST is too early. No to Alliance.
We raid about 30 mins before your availability but depending if your flexible or not ill let you know whats up.

<The Night Show> (1/11M) (11/11H) is a guild on Horde Zul'Jin of close knit friends led by a couple 6/11M antorus raiders with a lot of raiding exp since vanilla. The guild is newly formed and less than a month old.

We raid Sun,Mon 10PM-1AM PST or 1AM-4AM EST. We are laid back when it comes to progression but also make sure that we get stuff done. We want people who know how to communicate as well as have a good understanding of their roles. Please contact me with any further info you may want.

Recruiting: All roles
HUGE Priority: Holy Pally, Warrior DPS, Boomkin, Warlock, Resto Druid.

requirements: Discord, 950+ iLvl, eagerness to raid mythic content, likability, not soft hearted, 18+ years old.
GM: Hex#12929
Recruitment Officers: Zen#1833, Eladarmri#1632
I had seen your recruitment thread. Sounded great besides I wouldn't be on time hence I didn't want to waste your time. It's not a matter of flexibility. I don't get off work until 12:45am EST. I get home by 1am. Just not physically possible to be on any earlier. Though, Monday, would be the only time I'd be "late" as I don't work Sundays.
Still seeking a home. Late nights or weekends. Experienced player.

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