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Whose like me and getting excited already for TI?

Who do you think will win it this year?
Twilight Imperium4's out.. Timeless Isle's old news..

What're you referring to by TI? Be more specific..
At first I thought he was referring to a graphics card but it makes no sense in context.
Well the West won last year and if we follow the trend of past TIs its prob going to be a team from the east. I haven't been watching much but it seems like LGD is pre strong this year and liquid is still strong.
Whats TI ??
06/15/2018 12:55 AMPosted by Wariya
Whats TI ??

Biggest Dota tournament The International dubbed "TI"
Ti = Tentacle Intrusion?
06/15/2018 01:33 AMPosted by Chaosnachos
Ti = Tentacle Intrusion?

Always excited for that. Specially as a Draenei.
Why you play Dota when you got your favorite characters in heroes of the storm. What an amateur.

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