[H] <Stratus> 6/8M - 3 night LFM

<Stratus> is recruiting!

Stratus, 6/8M, are recruiting strong, raid-focused players for mythic raiding.

We raid on a 3-night schedule: Wed / Sun / Mon, 7:30 - 10:30 SVT (AEST).
(Though it is likely we'll also be raiding Thursday for the first week of each raid tier.)

We are currently looking for:

High priority:
  • Healer: Shaman / Druid
  • DPS: Warlocks and Balance druids :)

*If you play a class that is not listed above, but would still like to apply, please do so, as our recruitment isn't strictly limited to the above classes.

Characteristics of applicants we want applying:
  • Being able to handle criticism. If you make a mistake, chances are it'll be brought up to ensure that it doesn't re-occur. If you get mad during instances like this, you're probably not the right person for Stratus.
  • Focus on continuous self-improvement. We're looking for players who research talent builds for different bosses, sim regularly, and examine logs to see where they should be popping cooldowns or using defensives etc.
  • Attendance is a big factor for us. If you're unable to make a raid we expect to be informed prior to the raid. Although we do know emergencies happen and you may be unable to provide notice, however, if it is a recurring theme then your raid spot may be lost.

What Stratus can provide for you:
  • A semi-hardcore raid environment that is aiming to clear content as quickly as possible.
  • Drama-free guild, or as free to as we can get. We're not interested in toxicity.
  • A working raid bench - contact for more information regarding this.

To Apply
If you're interested in applying, please fill out the small google form below, then contact one of our recruitment guys on BNET:

  • Sleepytime#11950
  • Harisen#1556
Still looking! Apply if you're interested.
Still looking for some dudes.
Updated classes we're looking for.
Still LFM.
Updated post.
Starting to fill out the roster, apply now if you're interested.
Updated classes we're seeking!
Classes we're looking for has once again been updated. :)
Still looking to fill the last couple spots.
Just sent an application
Updated the list of classes we're still looking to fill.
Updated again.
Still on the search for the last couple spots to round out the roster.
Still have a couple spots to fill.

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