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I like the allied race system. It's a good system, new races and more options are almost always good. However, from what I've observed there are several issues that I, along with numerous people (both that I know and that I've simply seen on the forums) have experienced and are likely to continue experiencing without some form of change. To lay it out in waves:

#1 - Account Character Limits
Account character limits are simply too low right now. We've had increasing server slots, but as far as I'm aware, the account-wide limit has been 50 since the game's release in 2004; Almost 15 years ago. A good amount of people are at the point where they are having to either delete characters (in many cases higher level characters) to make room for the new allied races, or having to simply not play the new allied races because the characters they have mean too much to them to delete.

In numerics, back when our per-server limit was 12, before allied races, each server could hold roughly 24% of the account limit. That meant you could have each class on four servers maximum. With the new races added in, we obviously had new reason to make multiples of some classes, but by now having 16 slots per realm with the account limit still 50, we passed the threshold into a server holding 32% of the account limit, meaning we now are only able to have every race on only three servers.

We know we're getting two more slots at launch (with no account limit increase), which puts us at 36% of the account limit available per server, which causes us to cross the threshold into only being able to have all races on two servers. This is an issue - The account limit not increasing, while the number of reasons to make new characters is increasing, is punishing to anyone that has numerous characters that they care for.

#2 - Leveling is Boring
I won't say hard, because it's not. A lot of people say the leveling is hard, but I will heavily disagree there, it is not hard. It is worse: Boring. The leveling is slower, which makes it incredibly boring, and we're not only encouraged to level from almost scratch with each new allied race, but we're penalized if we don't, as heritage armor is only available if you level from 20 to 110 (assuming for the new allied races, or perhaps all, it will soon be 120, but I could be wrong).

This would be less of an issue if there were still several ways to speed up leveling besides BoAs, but that's not the case. In fact, we've actually had most methods of speeding up leveling removed- The experience potions that worked from 1-85 and 1-100 are no longer obtainable, Recruit-A-Friend no longer gives extra experience past BoA-level experience, and being ran through dungeons by a higher level is no longer efficient due to the significant reduction to experience gain if you have a higher level with you. (I may have missed some other methods of speeding up leveling that were removed, I'm uncertain.)

This makes the introduction of more and more allied races without alternatives to heritage armor or an optional increase in leveling speed feel very frustrating to people who want heritage armor and have to level up new characters from almost scratch again, as numerous instances of having to endure a slow and boring leveling process.

#3 - Heritage Armor Restrictions
I touched briefly on this in #2 so this one will be a bit shorter of a listing, but people that want to play a certain class, and already have that class at max level but want to be a new allied race and get the heritage armor, will end up having to level a new character that they don't plan on actually playing that much at max level along with paying for a character race change, or will go without heritage armor at all. I understand not giving boosts and race changes instant heritage armor, but the lack of a max level option to unlock heritage armor makes it very frustrating for the situations I laid out.

Ending Thoughts
Like I said, I like the allied race system, and I am not saying the allied race system is the issue. What I am saying is that the few but significant issues there are make the allied race system less appealing. I'll say pre-emptively that this is all my opinion; I understand there are others that don't feel this way, but the fact remains that there is a significant number of people who do feel this way in some form. I know it's not possible to please everyone, but a case like this is something that can be improved upon from it's current form.
Funny enough, to me all three of your points cancel each other out.
06/15/2018 09:25 AMPosted by Dittrazkalok
Funny enough, to me all three of your points cancel each other out.

I can understand that #1 conflicts with #2 and #3, but ultimately, not all three of the issues apply to everyone. There may be people that don't have the issue of #2 or #3, but are affected heavily by #1. On the flip side, some people may not have issues with #1, but have issues with #2 or number #3, so on and so forth with different combinations.
I find it frustrating that lightforged and dark irons were made completely separate identities (therefore making their customization exclusive to eachother) when imo they should have just been addition customization options for the base races.

Also how does it make sense to have maghar orcs with different clan skins/tattoos but not include wildhammer skins with dark iron dwarves?

It's just not consistent to me.
I don't like allied races. Customization options for current races would have been much better. And less of a blatant timesink.

Not that I'm unhappy, I just don't want to sink time into more toons. I have enough toons.
My only problem with the whole thing is having to level a new one, from 20 to 110, to get the heritage armor when I've already -hit- the account character limit. I don't want to have to delete-shuffle toons after I've race-changed them just to level a new one, only to delete it once I have the xmog, to un-delete the first toon just so I can xmog its shiny new race specific armor. I'm the worst combination of lazy and alt-a-holic.


That's a word now.

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