The Battle of Un'goro Crater [RP-PvP]

Emerald Dream
The Lakkari Tar Pits were filled with blood this night. The battle raged on for hours with both sides making advances only to lose ground as the fights wore on.
Heroes, Horde and Alliance were tested, many killed but their deeds remembered in the annals of the Battle for Azerite.

Everyone fought with honor.

The united Horde forces were comprised of the venerable <Redwood Tribe>, the might of the <Warbound Legion>, fierce warriors from the <Stonehoof Tribe> and Sindorei forces from the <Emberdusk Sentinels>.

The Alliance expedition met them on the battlefield with the discipline of the <Kul Tiras Marines>, the Wardens of <The Ashen Vale>, the brawn of <Clan Battlehammer>, the experienced tacticians from <Warbringer>, the ferocity of <The Pack> and <Coalition of Azeroth>.

Respect to the fallen, Glory to all who remember this night!

Jordrend finishes murdering the Forsaken army attacking Lion's Landing and he remembers about the war going on in Southern Kalimdor. He opens a Death Gate to the Chariot of Neraka in Uldum and heads to the ground quickly. He finds the nearest Alliance military personnel and finds out about the battle for Azerite in Un'goro, he immediately travels there. He fights with the Horde, the Horde driving the Alliance forces back and taking some Azerite, but it doesn't take long for Jordrend and the Alliance Forces to strike back, fighting the Horde in a great battle for 10 minutes straight, eventually driving the Horde back and taking the rest of the Azerite. For the Alliance!
Ayyy, these series of battles were a worthy test of our strengths. Allies were made, many mugs of Dwarven brew were had, and glorious battle was fought. Between some of the battles, a few of the Horde and Alliance enjoyed each other's company around a campfire telling jokes. Until it was time to fight once more, then the smiles and laughs left, leaving a burning desire for combat in them all.

10/10, would drink brew again!
The ferns whispered softly as a light breeze blew across the Lakkari pits. It carried the scents of sweat and blood, both ally and enemy. These smells were caught by Keagayla's nose, leading her to her ally's aid. "Maybe I'm no' too late.." the druid thought to herself as she ran across the crater, her padded paws making barely a sound.

Finally, she spots the might of the alliance standing their ground against the horde. She reveals herself from the shadows as she nears them, looking for a familiar face, if any. Fellaria and Halger beckon her over, which eases her tense nerves a bit. She morphs from her owlcat form, nodding politely. "Good to see sum friendly faces, and that yer no' in too bad shape." She listens to the others among the group, catching up on what she has missed.

She quickly falls into their ranks, morphing back to her owlcat form, digging her claws into the ground anxiously. She melds into the shadows, waiting for her moment to strike. "FOR THE ALLIANCE!" one of the leaders cries out, leading the party in a charge towards the enemy. At last, the moment she had been waiting for.

The battles last for what seemed like hours. Nevertheless, in the end, the alliance rose victorious. They claimed what was left of the Azerite and disposed of the fallen honorably.
a few hours after the battle...

This was one of the few places in Un'goro where the Devilsaurs weren't too keen on rampaging through, and it wasn't difficult to see why. Huge skeletal remains of the lizards either too brave or too stupid to keep their distance from the deadly grip of the boiling hot tar pits.

The Marines stood watch as daylight gave way to the glow of Alliance campfires lit along the bubbling tar pits.

"Hell of a sight, sir." remarked one old Paladin to another, rather coldly.

"That it is, Saltzfyre. " replied Nearo, as the two lifted the bloodied Orc and Tauren carcasses to place them along the edge of the tar pit - bait for the Devilsaurs incase they came too close. The meat on the tauren was no good now, being beaten into a pulp and beyond being salvageable.

Officer Leylianna tended to the wounded back at base camp, watching the two from a distance while the two paladins dragged the bloodied carcasses.

The glow gave glimpses of the battles that took place earlier in the day. Gore strewn around the ground, a few large horns here and there, broken weapons and battered shields. The battle had been a brutal affair, but one that had ultimately denied the Horde of substantial Azerite deposits to do whatever unspeakable barbarism they intended to unleash with it's power.

As each body was dragged to the edge of the tar pit, Nearo hoisted his warhammer overhead and brought it crashing down on the face of each of their enemies, crushing the skull completely. Sylvannas' forces were in the area and there was no need to risk any of these fallen Orcs or Tauren being forced into serving the Banshee Queen into slavery as her Undead minions. The old paladin held a deep hatred for most of the Horde races, but not so much as to see them be cursed with such damnation - not to mention that there's no need to put any more Alliance soldiers at risk fighting foes they've already slain once.

"That's the last of them. Back to base camp, we will help with the wounded."

"Yes, sir." responded Saltzfyre as the two went back to the tent where Leylianna was busy at work.

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