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Hello! I have been playing since Beta, and I have recently returned to prepare for the upcoming expansion. I am looking to server transfer and faction change back to horde to play my long desired sub-race Mag-har.

I am looking for a guild that has been around awhile.
-Mature, adult members.
-Has proven progression in the past.
-Is extremely social and friendly.

I will be working on my Reputation until the expansion drops, and then push levels in prep for the new raiding content.

I have open availability during the evenings. Monday-Sunday. I am EST and hope to play no later than 9 or 10pm EST and no earlier than 6 or 7.

I'm not asking for a lot or looking for a lot. I simply want a place to call home.

Thanks, reply here with guild info.
Our raid times will probably conflict since we are MST but we are looking to start at 8 pm MST and end around 10 pm MST. Let me know if that's still something you'd be interested in.

Guild post:

Who are we? We are a new Horde guild that is coming from an Alliance guild that was seeing it's end. We decided to come back to the Horde where most of us started our journey through WoW. We are all pretty casual since we have jobs and families but we enjoy playing WoW and being a strong guild of friends.

What are we doing? We have members interested in just about anything there is in WoW. We have a raid group forming that will raid two nights a week for a couple hours in MST time. Currently most members have dropped current content on Normal but want to get a group ready for BFA content. Once a week doing Mythic + dungeons together. There is also people interested in getting groups ready for PvP!

Want to know more? Feel free to message me directly if you have questions. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in being apart of be sure to join our discord, https://discord.gg/yVtpyJy
[Illidan][H]<Recursion> is now recruiting!

We are a community of like-minded adults currently growing our core in preparation for BFA. We're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. To us, the word "Casual" means strong teamwork to complete as much content as possible, while still having fun during our limited 2 night raid week. We expect all raiders to maintain a high raid attendance rate. Our schedule is casual compared with many guilds, and we expect that you are prepared to raid the entire time without going AFK. We expect our raiders to know their class and always be looking to find ways to improve their own performance. Outside of our main raids, we run alt raids, M+, Timewalking, and BG. Currently 11/11H AOTC.

Wednesday/Thursday evenings from 7-10pm CST (server time).
Normal Antorus (Optional Alt Run) on Saturday 7:30-10p CST


Age: 25+ (some exceptions are possible)
Ilvl 940+, 75 artifact

DPS: Most (except Hunters/DK/DH)
Heals: Shaman

Thanks for your time and we hope you will join us!

Casual players are welcomed!

Bakua (Nuka#11152)
Tyrenzi (Starscream89#1767)
Orchidia (Melicious#1794)
Good morning!

I am returning from a break and looking to build back up for BFA, but I want to really get a people-focused guild this time, and I feel like finding these like-minded people early is important for building something sustainable. My goal is to not have to rebuild a guild again.

That being said, this is a ground-floor type endeavor. I only have a few people so far (just started recruiting a couple days ago) and so raiding in Legion again is low on the priority list. What we're looking to do is build a tight-knit team that can raid a couple days a week in BFA but do so to the best of our abilities to try and stay at least WITH the curve.

That being said, that's about where we held for the past two xpacs, completing all heroic content (on a different server) in WoD, and then up to Nighthold here before we lost our tank any decided to take a break.

If you are interested or have any questions at all, feel free to let me know.#cake1441 is the btag. Looking forward to it, and good luck!

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