[A-RP] Hollowlight Ventures

Moon Guard
IC Leaders: Greaves, Wallace Kirdrin, Taelura Moonshroud, Arlyn Myers
Type of RP: Heavy RP, treasure hunting, business oriented, occult, adventuring, crafting

The weary traveler turned down a red streak of road, light sundered by falling rain. The object in his hands weighed heavily on him, his eyes weaving among the dark pines, watching birds flicker amongst the treeline. Letter in hand, he approached the Inn nestled among the dark trees. The shadows of branches swayed on the roof, the wind easing its howl as the foliage grew thicker. Gathering his belongings in his bag, he entered, boots tapping mutely across the pale wood. He had reached the rendezvous point safely, where the four waited. A young paladin of raven hair clad in thick armor, a severe looking man in dark leathers and furs, a silvery haired elf with a glass eye, and a hooded elf, cold blue eyes shining, waited for him.
The man was the first to speak. “Have you brought the orb?”
The traveler nodded in response, unbinding a glowing orb from his pack, a dark mist swirling within it. “I don’t wish to carry it any longer.”

Guild Concept
<Hollowlight Ventures> is a trading and treasure hunting company whose adventures emphasize the unusual and the unique, the mysterious and the downright spooky. The company engages in adventure-filled treks throughout the far reaches of Azeroth in search of rare and captivating herbs, heirlooms and magical items to either catalog and preserve or sell at Azeroth’s various markets.

Though Hollowlight prides itself on being a worldwide adventuring company, all families must find a place to rest their head. To that end, the company has established a storehouse and meeting place in Darkshire, nestled deep within the gnarled boughs of the Duskwood’s eastern reaches. This serves as the central hub for all of our roleplay experiences -- though it is certainly not the limit of the company’s range.


Hollowlight’s events range from the whimsical to the harrowing, with opportunities for every character to shine within the context of our engaging, easy-to-master dice system. From midsummer nights telling stories around a dancing fire to contract work reclaiming a decrepit mansion from the malevolent spirits that haunt its grounds, each new week offers members several opportunities to engage with the other members and earn unique rewards that grant them bonuses during future events. Members are also encouraged to co-DM their own events with the guidance and assistance of guild officers; even the newest member is welcome and encouraged to put themselves out there and explore their own creative drives.
Markets and Crafting

Of course, our adventures in the field are only a portion of the work that we do from week to week. For our more economically inclined members, we offer multiple opportunities to create and sell items at player-hosted market events.

We attend and vend at the Shadowsands Bazaar, Stormwind Weekly Market, and the Occult Faire. We have also collaborated with other like-minded guilds to bring the Duskrose Wandering Market to the Moon Guard community; our officers work hard to ensure that this once-ever-two-month celebration of Moon Guard’s mercantile guilds continues to grow into one of the community’s preeminent server events.

Discord link to the Duskrose wandering market here: https://discord.gg/Qrc5HNu

We also offer a unique and engaging item creation system so that artisan characters can have a direct, tangible impact on the guild’s day-to-day vending activities. Is your character a renowned Blacksmith? An abjurer who specializes in charms and wards? An alchemist who can bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death? Their talents can flourish in Hollowlight’s item creation system, where their creations can be sold to the public or distributed and statted out for use in our event roll system.

Officer Contacts

Greáves (Head Apothecary, GM - IC company leader)
Taelura (Guard Captain, co-GM)
Kirdrin (Head of Acquisitions)
Àrlyn (Mercantile Lead)

Our officers are almost always around on Discord in some form, so reach out to a guild member if you don't see one of us on! Or contact me directly at greaves#5698 on discord.

Guild Expectations

We at Hollowlight pride ourselves on our IC and OOC inclusivity, though we do our best to abide by the established in-universe lore. Members are certainly not expected to have all-encompassing knowledge, and mistakes are certainly welcome -- just be aware that we as officers do our best to ensure that the rules of our collaborative writing environment remain consistent and evenly administered.

We also expect our members to adhere to a few common-sense content and behavior guidelines. These are detailed in our discord, though they are nothing out of the ordinary; respect the identities and beliefs of others and bear our guild tag well and you will not have any trouble at all.

Finally, we expect our members to be able to recognize the distinction between IC and OOC realities, to be willing to communicate with the officer corps when they have concerns about guild goings-on, and to have a solid grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Having an established character with a backstory to go over with the officers is a plus, though it is not a strict requirement; a loose or ambiguous background will by no means bar you from joining the guild.
Application Process

Interested applicants will need to participate in a pair of brief interviews -- one OOC and one IC -- with one of the Hollowlight staff. Your IC interview also doubles as getting your character officially involved with Hollowlight.

To apply OOC, whisper one of the officers listed, contact Greaves on discord, or simply send an in-game mail requesting an interview. In the OOC portion, we will ask a little bit about you, tell you the guild rules, and ask about your character background.

The IC portion will be one to four of the officers, or trusted members trained in the interview process, interviewing your character to join the guild, dependent on officer and interviewer availability. Please note that you can delay your IC interview for any reason- we have an OOC rank within the guild for those that don't do both at once.

Ranks and Hierarchy

The guild’s organization is divided into two tiers: Officer ranks, which are populated by the guild’s IC staff, and member ranks, which are equal in weight and serve only to designate the sort of work that your character is primarily interested in. There is no department-based restriction on activities or engagement: all members are welcome to engage in all activities regardless of department.

Officer ranks:

Department Head: The organizers of the departments themselves, the ones who typically lead events and deal with inter-guild issues.

Senior Staff: Trusted staff that are key members of the departments they're in, assisting the Department Heads with running things.

Member ranks:

Merchant: Dedicated to the selling of acquisitioned items and setting up business dealings with other guilds and NPC contacts, as well as crafting items for trade.

Acquisitions: The ones who acquire the magical items and curiosities sold by the Merchants, as well as the rare reagents utilized by the Apothecaries. Typical dungeon-crawlers with a willingness to look past the letter of the law to attain their goals.

Guard: People who not only offer protection for the transportation of company goods, but also act as utility muscle for any odd jobs requested from other employees.

Apothecary: Alchemists, scientist, herbalists, and medics dedicated to their various studies and trades.

Affiliate: Those aligned with the company, but who are not intrinsically connected under the banner of Hollowlight. Patrons, supporters, even frequent buyers.

Uninitiated/OOC: An alt of a member already in the guild who has not been interviewed yet.


Hollowlight is run out of a Discord server. Discord is very much needed to be up to date on all things guild-related. Our officers make announcements there, and we also gather RP-related information, as well as build guild community there.

We strive to make Hollowlight a welcoming environment. For this reason, we do not allow hateful behavior of any kind, in game or out of game. The full list of rules are on our Discord server and in guild information. We also seek to keep our RP exceptional- proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, a believable backstory, and good conduct are required at all times.
Nothing like a busy RP schedule to keep things busy before the prepatch! We had a wonderful time seeing our friends and engaging with patrons at the recent Duskrose Wandering Market. Thank you all for your continued support and collaboration! The Moon Guard community really is something special.
after a fabulous TOA experience, we're now preparing for several exciting things! we'll be at Shadowsands Bazaar and Duskrose Wandering Market very soon, as well as beginning a new guild campaign!
You are all amazing and Greaves is a sweetheart <3
08/16/2018 02:00 AMPosted by Mirchea
You are all amazing and Greaves is a sweetheart <3

Mirchea is the best!! <3 <3
Hollowlight is thoroughly enjoying all of the new content that Battle for Azeroth has to offer -- but that doesn't mean that we've stopped doing our mercantile thing.

Thanks to all those who stopped by our booth last night at the Shadowsands Bazaar. We look forward to seeing you soon when the Duskrose Wandering Market visits the Tian Monastery at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 8. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Do you have a merchant-minded friend who needs a home? Are you an adventurous soul longing for a new community to help you grow and explore? Hollowlight Ventures has renewed its recruiting efforts for the new expansion! If you are interested, please contact Greaves, myself, or any member of the Hollowlight crew to point you in the right direction of an interview.


Taelura Moonshroud
Director of Security
Hollowlight Ventures
Kul Tiras is an old land full of many mysteries, blood's soaked the land since before it was ever even settled. Ashes and briar abound in the deep woods and Hollowlight Ventures will be exploring it all!

Our first major storyline of the expansion is starting up next week and we'd be glad to have a few more eyes in the field!

Do you have a mind for dungeon delving, intrigue, and a healthy splash of horror? Hollowlight Ventures is recruiting!
I've been in Hollowlight since late April and my only real disappointment with the guild is that I did not join sooner. The amount of work the officers put into campaigns is tremendous. Not only are the events themselves intriguing and involving, but there's art, puzzles between events, and a crafting system. For the current campaign, they're going far out of their way to include both factions. It's just astounding.
I see it has been some time since we've bumped this post!

I've been in Hollowlight since it started, and it has been nothing but welcoming and full of laughs and great RP. Honestly some of the best times i've had on WoW and on this server.

If you're looking for fun, adventurous, sometimes spooky role play, then this is an amazing place for you to be. Come give us officers a msg if interested!
10/10 Guild of the year all years
I've run into a few of these guys out in the world. They are good people, haven't had a bad experience.
These guys are okay I guess...


This peaks my interest.
10/02/2018 02:07 PMPosted by Ulgrimm
This peaks my interest.

glad to hear it, friend!

we have a couple of cool things coming up for November. on friday, november 16, we'll be at a neutral roleplayers meet-up with the Azerothian Union in the Temple of the Jade Serpent, Pandaria at 8pm server. the following day, we'll be vending at our own Duskrose Wandering Market in the Stormspire, Netherstorm at 8pm server.
People in Hallowlight are cool and friendly :D
Plus they host a lot of fun public events!
Check'em out if they sound like a good fit for you!
A new friend of mine just linked me a certain WoW herbs guide tumblr, with a familiar name on it. Good to see you and Wally still out and about, Greaves!
Giving this thread a good ol' bump to show support. Good people, great storylines, check them out.
This is a good week if you want to meet Hollowlight out in the wild. As Greaves mentioned above, there's the neutral meetup on Friday at 8, which is a great place for characters of both factions to meet each other and work past the current conflict. Saturday is the Duskrose Wandering Market, consistently the largest market event on the server since its inception. Come on out to meet Hollowlight and many others!

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