You wake up...

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1 2 3 11 Next your main. What would you do?
drink coffee and poop then go to work
Eat Pandas
Consume Night elves.
try to figure out how to walk with these legs
Sacrifice everything.
Find out if any body parts are missing and make sure the dogs aren't chewing on them
Wiggle my ears.
Start a Camgirl/gaming stream
Check my mission table
I would make my bed with this thread and tuck it in and say goodnight.
05/30/2018 05:20 PMPosted by Highpaws your main. What would you do?

First I would get used to the constant whispers from the demon soul that's inside me. Second, I'd try out gliding for a bit. Third, go find some gangsters, and go full fel on them, including metamorphosis.

Edit:I never imagined that the modern day equivalent of gangters was taboo, but it must due to political correctness.
Wait... do I wake up in Azeroth or do I wake up in my IRL home town? Because the two answers are wildly different.
probably succumb to the whispers, I'm a weak man
Touch all my glowy spots
Take another hit.
Keep summoning booze till I pass out!

Smile, and continue.

<- main
Touch down there to see what it feels like.
Summon succubus, do succubus things with succubus.

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