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But I.....I don't have a main. What happens to m-

Vanishes from the universe.
05/30/2018 07:54 PMPosted by Rorrand
But I.....I don't have a main. What happens to m-

Vanishes from the universe.
05/30/2018 05:31 PMPosted by Gnards
drink coffee and poop then go to work

got a good smile out of that...I think you need more fun in your life ;)
Find a way to safely dispose of the talking knife and get used to having to eat the proper amount of food for a Pandaren.
05/30/2018 05:20 PMPosted by Highpaws your main. What would you do?

Begin to kill horde
I'm rich.
I'm powerful.

I don't have to go to work, so I start off by going back to sleep for a few hours. Then probably get up and log on to play some World of Earthcraft. My toon is a hairy guy in his mid 30s.
Save a ton on eyeliner and hair dye.
Soulstone myself
Make use of my new powers and get some vigilante justice!
Pat my belly and go get some breakfast.
Cast Mind Control on a dog so I can eat some dog food.
Farm gold.
if in azeroth, cat stuff. scratch on a tree, take a nap in the sun, stealth around org. then i'd go do bear stuff. you know, like maul a traveler and eat berries. then its bird time, gonna go everywhere and see everything.

maybe after that, do some thinking about heal spells. what exactly does living seed feel like when it blooms? swiftmend? how does one actually CAST a heal spell?

probably not do much cow stuff. i dont actually wanna be a nine foot tall cow dude. that sounds problematic. i can see myself falling off stuff all the time @_@

if earth, probably get shot and killed then put in a museum as a minotaur exhibit. ._.
Use raise dead on my dead dog so we can chill and play fetch.
I certainly wouldn't go around take the risks I send my character through!
In Azeroth:

Freak out. Then head down to the nearest pub and drink.
Then go and see what Sylvanas looks like in the flesh. You know, for research.


Enter the MMA tournaments. I'm already much, MUCH bigger and stronger than most humans. Take the winnings, set up my own franchise, get rich, be evil, take over the world.

That's assuming I don't get dissected first, of course.
*shift into cat form*
*disappear into the jungle forever*
Immediately regret that I mostly play female toons. This works in both worlds.
Get out more.
Go buy some normal people clothes.

Kinda think walking around wearing shoulder pads, capri pants, flip flops and a tabard with a friggin' anchor on it is not really my style irl.

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