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1) Spec Retribution
2) Wield Ashbringer
3) ???
4) Profit
Scratch my beard, take a leak and then sleep.
Go to my garrison in WoD land and make them build me a real BEDROOM (and ensuite bathroom) so I can sleep in comfort and not in the barracks.

Then head to the kitchen and start baking.
Get the girlfriend of my dreams, cause everyone loves a blood elf male. I'd probably get a hair cut honestly i cant stand long hair on myself.
It occurs to me that since half the people here are taking the question as "your character, but on Earth", while I answered as "your character, on Azeroth"... I may as well answer what I'd do on Earth.

Basically, go to conventions to show off... And maybe try to get an acting deal in some werewolf movie.

… If those ever made a comeback.

This is all assuming I don't somehow wind up starting a Worgen epidemic on Earth though... That could be bad... But at least I'd be able to boop their snoot's to establish superiority.
Probably really weird !@#$. I already fetishize so many things I don't need to fetishize myself even more...
I panic.
im a rotting talking corpse. life aint easy for a grey !@#$ addict.
Didn't we do this thread last week? Same as before.

In Azeroth, there are only two rock bands to compete with. I can become a music producer and writer, and tell everyone the best songs in the world are mine.

Front an all girl gnome band and give them every song by the Go Gos, Brittney, The Bangles. All girl goblin band to cover Lita Ford, Joan Jett and The Donnas. All Nelf Band to cover Fleetwood Mac and Heart.

Led Zepplin. The Beatles. Pink Floyd. Cheap Trick. Devo. All their songs are mine.

I also get to invent Jazz, Ragtime and the Blues.

In our world. If goblin racials translate through then I guess make fireworks and play the stock market. If I always get the "best friend prices" deal, then there's always going to be ways to make money.
1. Turn into cat.
2. Eat all the neighbors livestock
3. Drive into town while prowling.
4. Walk around town while prowling.
Play with myself to see how the other half lives
05/30/2018 05:20 PMPosted by Highpaws your main. What would you do?

Hey, Highpaws, while I appreciate your contributions on the forums, if there is one person you don't want to imitate, it's Averyx and her deranged followers. Cos believe me, all she does is post hypothetical situations to seek attention since she has nothing better to do.

I would encourage you to remove her as a contact, since she's probably trying to get you banned from these forums.
05/30/2018 05:20 PMPosted by Highpaws your main. What would you do?
Start looking for gnomes to feed to my Devilsaur.
Go on a pickpocketing spree the likes of which will never have an equal.

Oh, and find a nice tall building and see how the cat reflexes are :)
05/30/2018 10:09 PMPosted by Kregor
In Azeroth:

Freak out. Then head down to the nearest pub and drink.
Then go and see what Sylvanas looks like in the flesh. You know, for research.


Enter the MMA tournaments. I'm already much, MUCH bigger and stronger than most humans. Take the winnings, set up my own franchise, get rich, be evil, take over the world.

That's assuming I don't get dissected first, of course.

You know I thought about your post for a moment about the mma thing. Then I realized the really scary thing is there are a small few actual humans on earth that i could see easily beating a wow orc. Those are the ones you gotta watch out for.

Then I'd drink coffee and go to work.
I would make as much gold as I could to start, plenty of Sea Giants and the like to pillage. Then I would buy (or conquer if that's fine legally.) the castle in Redridge rebuild it then build a few farmsteads and build a few mines in the Redridge mountains so that I have a stable income.

After I'm ready I will ask Anudin to make me a Baron so that I would have a title to pass on to my descendants. I'm sure with all we have done for the Alliance he would be willing to give me such a title, if not I would butter up Stormwinds nobles or maybe even summon my succubus if needed to get the title.

After that I would try to train some private soldiers that can be used to guard my property and help in the battles with the Horde. I would still have my Demon army from my order hall but I don't think I would use them in most situations. While I'm a Warlock and would be practicing my magics I would not want to scare the peasants.

Perhaps I would at some point build a small magic school for talented youngsters of Redridge to learn Arcane, Holy, Nature and even Fel magic. It won't be Hogwarts level but a few Dozen students would be plenty. These talents would be great for the Alliance and the connections gained for the future would be useful.

Finally I would spend my free time studying and training in magic, I love reading and I'm sure practicing magic would be interesting too. Who knows, maybe as a Warlock I could become Immortal or something but just living for a few hundred years would be nice.
Wake up in irl as my vidya game character i would immediately go to the bank and wd all my money. Then I would have to get a new identity since I'd no longer be me. I'd move to a foreign country and feign that i lost my passport. I'd use my warlock powers to summon my felguard to build a cabin in the woods for myself somewhere. I'd keep my secret from society, while using my powers to stay alive. If i have my equipment i assume my hearthstone could bring me into azeroth, so I'd keep it as a backup plan.

As for if i did end up in azeroth, I'd probably live in elwyn forest in the cat lady's cottage. I'd occasionally go to stormwind or fly around on my mount but i think my adventure days would be over. I imagine it would be incredibly painful to actually be a champion in WoW as you are constantly getting injured or killed.
be grateful i rolled a human
I'll be your healer.
I'm a young man, but I wake up as a 56 year old with back problems, a receding hairline, and a drinking problem... No thanks.

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