Brewmaster and holy pally LF Mythic guild

Guild Recruitment
Brewmaster ilvl - 974
Holy pally ilvl - 967
both 2/11 mythic experience.
Brewmaster character name - Aradrena-Zuluhed
Holy paladin character name Samanthea-Zuluhed
Add on btag for more information.
Aradrena btag - Arcadius#11300
Samanthea btag - Moona#1290

<Relentless> is a 2 day a week HORDE guild on Shattered Hand-US, with an optional 3rd day for alt Heroic. We are currently recruiting for Mythic raiding! We have recently reformed under this guild tag and are looking to bolster our ranks. While we did reform, Relentless has existed since Vanilla WOW and has plenty of old server firsts.

We are an active PvE guild with many active or past military members, long time players and socially inept adults.

We are 6/11M, and we actively working on Kin'garoth. We have some 4k+ M+ players and plenty of 2k+ and 3k+ players.

Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore -- We try to make the most of the limited time we raid, and we push to clear mythic content.

Loot System: Personal Loot.

RAID TIMES (All times are EST):

Wednesday 8:30PM to 11:30PM

Thursday 8:30PM to 11:30PM

Saturday is ALT RAID @ 8PM (This is an optional raid for older content)

Add scmordak#1551, ted#1493, ChaosLoC#1376 or for more information!

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