(H) lf pvp guild!

Deathwing, Executus, Kalecgos, and Shattered Halls
I am a 3p year old man with some kids looking for a guild. A mature guild that has day jobs . I like to pvp mostly and I am on at night from 9 mtn time and on. Can't wait to meet some new peeps!
Horde? I can't offer a guild but you can friend me we always welcome more for PvP.
I'm also looking for a PVP guild. Max level Holy Pally/Resto Druid.
Our guild is a smaller guild, but I'm trying to get any and all that are interested in PvP to join up. Deathwing server doesn't really have any PvP guilds so it's a good time to start! Message any toon in Housekeeping guild or look for anyone with a VDark name in it and we can get started!

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