Farming Heavy Junkboxes For the "Insane"

Farming for you, Heavy Junkboxes For the "Insane in the Membrane" Achievement.

Hello I will come to your server and farm the entirety of the Heavy Junkboxes you need to get from revered to exalted with Ravenholdt.
I will come to your server and farm them so no need to transfer characters to a different server.
Price is negotiable. Please add me to real id to inquire further.

Horde and Alliance Friendly
Total complete achievements worth farmed: 10
Fulfillment time: Two Weeks
Boxes needed for revered to exalted:
With Darkmoon Faire buff: 1275
Without buff: 1400

Real id: Killianth#1179

Thank you for your time
Not sure if you are still available but I am very interested. my gold would be on Hyjal Horde. Not quite sure im willing to give out my battle tag on the forums. but if you want I can keep a close eye on this thread and you can also send mail stating your price and info needed
hey i'm on dalaran alliance and will totally pay you for your time to get me the boxes
Would love to utilize this service, gek#1278
How many Teebu's have you earned through opening boxes Killania? I've opened well over 12,000 boxes in my day of farming these for people and I have yet to see one.
let me know if ur still farming these i could use some
Going to be contacting you later if you are still farming, willing to pay well for boxes.

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