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Why were Warfronts not designed with PvP in mind? That seems like a no-brainer spot to expand on pvp which feels like it's been neglected.
When is the prepatch?
Just curious what went into the decision to strip Windwalker of the Healing Elixir talent. I felt it really played well into the class fantasy of the highly skilled martial artist (ie Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan) who is highly reactionary and creative in his/her offence AND defence.

Also any chance we MIGHT get it back some point (preferably baseline like MW and BM Monks do.) before BfA drops, pretty please?
Are specs such as Frost Death Knight and Fury Warrior going to be able to choose between one handed weapons and two handed weapons or is the plan to keep it how it is where they are locked into using what they had for artifact weapons?
With the limited number of returning raid buffs, how do you plan to balance classes that have them in smaller scale content? More specifically, how do you plan to balance the vulnerability debuffs of Monks and Demon Hunters in Mythic+ and World PvP?
While not strictly relating to Beta, will there be be more flail-style weapons in the same sense of the prot war and pally mage tower in BFA? Or any planned beyond that? Perhaps more types say a 2hnd like seen in diablo(so we Dks can have one) =P
Will moonkin druids ever get the same love as ferals? Being able to change feather color via the barbershop or cool transmog related items?
Do the achievements that grant the mounts for 100 reputations Exalted and 400 Toys count both factions. Or are they Faction restricted. Are they Character restricted?
Are there any changes in the works for Havoc Demon Hunters? Currently their leach was lowered too much for PvP, fury cap needs to be higher than 100, and Demonic should swap places with Dark Slash to compete.
Any plans to fix this injustice with class mounts? Some Class can just buy the other colours variations (Paladins, Warlocks, hunters) But others can't , are locked by spec like Warriors, DKs or Races like Druids

Will you be allowing inter-spec artifact appearance transmog? The Blizzard art team really knocked the ball out of the park with the Legion artifact skins and now that we are going away from using a spec locked artifact weapon, let us also move away from the spec-locked transmog idea.

There is already pressure on players to play a spec they feel is fun vs. a spec that performs well, please do not add a third pressure of playing a spec that has transmog they like. I'd like to think I've worked quite hard to collect the artifact appearances that I have in legion (completed all mage tower challenges for every class, nearly done with all BoP and Hidden skins and tints for all classes) but there are just some skins I prefer over others and would like to show them off regardless of which spec I find myself choosing for BfA.
What went behind the decision to remove masterloot instead of trying to improve the player experience around it?
I have some question from my EU friends.

1. What’s the fate of other AU Draenor races in light of what’s happened with the Draenei while we’ve been gone?

2. What’s your favorite race that you’d like to make playable, but can’t?
Will I be able to play an honorable character as horde? I miss pre-Cata Thrall.
With the Horde having last their warchief with Thrall, Garrosh, and Vol'jin, and the Alliance only having lost Varian, can the Alliance start losing their leaders instead of all the Horde bashing that seems to be going on?
What are the biggest issues in WoW that Blizzard feels the new Communities feature will help address?

[ Happy to hear Lore tell a story about his Shaman relevant to this :D ]

Thank You,
With the new upcoming changes to Arathi Highlands, how will the Ravendoldt reputation farm for the Insane title work?
Question about weekly chest from mythic+. Will weapons and azurite armor be in the chest even though it isn’t titanforgable?
Could you please consider making Artifact transmogs not spec locked? I can understand class locking them or even making the Mage Tower skins only obtainable during Legion, but spec locking them? All this would server is to nerf fun.
Some specs have gotten lots in responses from devs about what changes are coming, or what adjustments are being made. And many have gotten those changes. Other specs have pages of feedback, still awaiting response. Where in the development process do you see those specs that have not had any response? What should players expect in the short time remaining until BfA launch?

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