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When the expansion releases in August, are you going to make the new classes available without the required achievements and rep grinding for people that don't have enough free time for the grinding? Or was purchasing the expansion a waste of my money since I am not even close to reaching the required achievement... I am a single father that works 60 to 75 hours a week.
As more allied races are added to the game, will we see updates to capital cities in the future to better represent them ? (Lightforged district in Exodar, Nightborne Markets in Silvermoon,etc.)

Is there any plans to have new capital cities ? (Gilneas, Kezan, Gnomeregan,etc.)

Right now, we can only change War Mode in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Will we be able to turn on and off War Mode in others cities (Boralus and Zuldazar, Capital cities) as BFA goes on ?
In the Last Q&A, it was mentioned that Forced Personal Loot will be implemented to prevent players from being at the Mercy of others - moving forward - is this a Loot policy that is going to be enforced across all Blizzard games, specifically Classic WoW? If no, why?

Players in Classic are going to be even more at the Mercy of others as compared to Retail - if you are protecting players on one game - and but you are leaving players unprotected on another - what is the reasoning behind this?
Will my Blood DK be able to transmog Unholy Artifact appearances on his 2H weapon?
I've been playing Shadow Priest recently and I love the interaction with Xala'tath's whispers. When BFA drops will Shadow Priests continue to hear the mad whispers of this former weapon? I think it would be interesting dynamic, like a sort of 'curse' as a result of choosing to wield Xala'tath.
Will you be fixing shadow priest in any way shape or form...been playing the beta and to be quite honest, it definitely needs ALOT of work!
With the plans of adding allied races and heritage armor, leveling through old content seems like it will become more and more relevant through out this expansion (and maybe future ones?) then ever before. What can you tell us about future plans for updating zones that have approx. 8-10 year old textures or what can you tell us about the future of leveling through older content in general?
when exactly is our honor going to merged? during the prepatch or when BFA launches?
Will there be any additional tweaks to the azurite system? the original amount felt like to much of a grind and the recent change feels like there isn't enough of a grind (I.E most players will have unlocked the raid traits before uldir even unlocks)
Will we be seeing any flying yaks in BFA?
How have the raids in Legion shaped your approach to encounter balancing and mechanics design? I.E. the massive differences in overall boss design between raids like Nighthold vs Tomb. What changes to design could we expect in BFA and what did the team take away from their successes in Legion?
Are the devs happy with the rogue class? What is the thought process behind Rogues losing so many skills baseline? - Poisons, Gouge, Garrote etc. and handing these out to individual specs to the detriment of the others? Will we see some of these abilities make a return to the base class?
Why does all the armor that's been datamined look the same. Why will paladins and death knights look the same? Are you just being lazy with your design team and thinking "This will just get transmogged anyway" ? Isn't that kicking the can down the road?
What are your plans for a system to allow Feral and Guardian Druids to use their alternated shape-shift forms post legion? I.E The mage tower bear form
Are we actually not getting any new talents or abilities for reaching level 120? While I truly love the game, it seems redundant to level up and not get anything to show for it :/
Will the new updated armor sets for guards in bfa be the heritage armor for classic races?
What are thoughts behind why Worgen are not currently allowed to be Paladins? I was doing research regarding the matter and couldn't find a reason to counter this happening.
There's 2 months until launch and specs are still going through revamps and the azerite system is in a funk right now. What gives?
Will the newly homeless races (night elves, forsaken) get their own new capitals? For example: for the night elves Gilneas and for forsaken In Dustwallow Marsh?
Can you tell us more about how the prestige stuff will work, it was mentioned that pvp related stuff would be account wide and shared?

I am a mount and transmogrify farmer, Has blizzard figured out how the loot system will be fixed when it comes to us players that love to farm all transmogrify. I remember them saying something about a legacy system

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