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What's going on with druids' artifact forms? Will we be able to use our bear and cat artifact forms going forward, and will they continue to be tied to having fist weapons and daggers equipped even though we can't dual wield those and they often don't even appear on loot tables for druids?
Is the goal of the class design team to allow for multiple different playstyles to be almost perfectly in line with each other at the highest levels of play?

EX. Havoc Demon Hunter, Dark Slash build versus First Blood build (Dark Slash as it currently stands is overwhelmingly better)
With competitive playing in both raids and keys becoming increasingly more and more horde, any plans to re-balance the racials so high-end players stay alliance?
When will we learn more about the new BfA mythic + affixes and will there be testing for those affixes?
With the removal of Ashran are we going to see the garrison auction house bot parts show up somewhere else to be acquired for people who still trying to get them or for new players?
Why are you getting rid of Knaifu? Are you kinkshaming spriests?
Are you going to release unused names this expansion? this was supposed to be an automated process happening with every expansion but we did not get that in WoD, will it happen for BFA? Thanks.
How will the first week of Warfronts go? Who gets to control the area first? Will both sides be fighting to control it, or will it be random own who controls it?

Also how, if at all, is the campaign gated? Rep gated, time gated? or can we grind it all out in a couple of sittings? Basically how long until we can play DIDs/Mag'har orcs?
When will worgen and goblins get a model update?
Blizzard has said they want to improve communication, but during the course of this beta many classes and specs have received little (1 post) or no communication to address their feedback and concerns. At the very least, a "we're working on it, we're thinking about it, we haven't decided yet" would go a long way to tamp down the cynicism. How do you reconcile this?
With azerite pieces and weapons not being able to warforge/titanforge (for weapons), will this affect the mythic+ reward structure? Additionally will lower warforging chance change the baseline gap between mythic+ and raids?

Currently it seems to be set on heroic raid ilvl -5. Will we have to rely on getting such pieces from the weekly chest (will this even work with current coding as it just seems like a 20+ titanforged item), or will there be some way to get these at a higher ilvl? e.g. higher difficulties increase these items in particular, or something similar.
Are there any plans to use the island expedition technology in other parts of the game? Or for different types of scenarios outside of obtaining azerite?
When are we getting High Elves?
Are the next allied races going to start at level 20? As sexy as the heritage armor is, leveling from 20-120 again in the middle of BfA seems like a lull in the action.

Also, can we get a confirmation on whether skinny Kul Tirans will be a playable option for that allied race? I desperately want to make an old skinny wicker druid/witch.
For feral druids, is there anything being done to fix the lack of complexity with our AOE rotation? We have no AOE finisher, and currently we tab dot or spam thrash/swipe which is boring.

Thank you.
We've seen some communication and changes recently to MM and Survival. Is BM due for any feedback soon?

It seems like any changes made to the spec so far haven't been discussed with the community, like Dire Beast. The addition of 10% haste to it seems like a lousy way to solve its problem of not being competitive.

Are talents for BM being looked into so that there's more balance, and therefore more options?
Will we ever be able to transmog holiday items outside of the events?
If a death knight can masquerate as a paladin, or people can wear crazy colors, how does a flower crown, sunglasses or a nice little rose break the fantasy of the game? I understand the winter’s veil outfits, but even the plague mask and the rose are some things we see on a NPC’s outside of the holidays.

Will wands ever have a use again? With how much people wield staves instead, they’re pretty much useless, and that’s a shame because there are some neat wands out there.

How come foxes across the world haven’t gotten a face lift, when we have newer fox models with the PvP Fox AND the one from Suramar?
The recent design paradigm seems to be that casters have long range but are immobile while melee have short range but lots of mobility. This works great in PvE but terribly in PvP, where kiting is now impossible unless you're a Mage. Any plans to update Honor Talents to address this?
Are there any plans to address issues with high end m+ (one shot mechanics, specifically), or to reward keys above 15?
What direction are you guys going with Shadow priest? It feels like we lost a lot of flavor from legion to bfa due to the pacing of the class being toned down a bunch. We have less ramp now and also some good answers to burst aoe, but the class feels like its missing something. Void form does not feel very rewarding to be in currently, are there any plans to make Void form more fun/impactful?

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