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Any updates planned for the auction house in BFA?
Will the last four pieces of BOA leveling gear be added in BFA? Bracers/gloves/belt/boots?
Any tweaks/changes coming for rogues? All three specs could use some help with energy regen/pacing.
Will there be a way to preview azerite armor traits from the dungeon journal?
Can we please get main hand/offhand linked like they were when we were using artifacts? Can we also get a better way of comparing Main Hand/Offhand to staves... right now it always looks like the staff wins in game and it's impossible to compare properly. This is yet another thing being able to link MH/OH would fix.
Is the current world scaling at 120 staying as is? It's jarring to go from being able to take on a pack of mobs to endless graveyard runs and the inability to kill any more rares.
Will the artifact challenge scenarios go away with the prepatch or BfA's launch?

And along those lines, will challenge appearances we've unlocked be available to other characters of that class/spec post-Legion? For example, my Alliance mage unlocked all challenge appearances. Will my Horde mage have access to them post-Legion?
Are we going to make Pathfinder and flying a possibility, once again, for ALL players, including long time players who can no longer engage in group instance content, or are we going to continue on the Legion "vision" of allowing flying only to players who dungeon and raid?

It has been sad to see something, that has been so inclusive of all of the diverse play styles in WOW since day one, be turned into a carrot that only some players can now reach.

I can't imagine why you ever made such a change that has had so much negative push back against many of your very long time players.

Non-group instance players were shut out of many things in BfA, including flying. I hope this will not be the case in BfA.
BFA only has 3 leveling zones. Can you further explain how the three max level zones will work? For example, as a fresh 120 alliance character, will the zones of Zandalar contain full story line quests, access to factions (along with their rewards), etc.?
Is Druidism strictly linked to nature, as we’ve seen with Loa and the Wicker druids, or is there potential for there to be druids linked to death or blood magic?

Also...will the visual updates to Arathi Highlands eventually be pasted onto the old version? As a sucker for graphics, I imagine new players or people leveling alts would like to see better graphics, rather than having it bound to max level content.
What does BFAs content cycle look like? BFA has the potential to be even better then Legion, but with how time crunched you guys seem to be, can we expect a similar patch cycle?
With all the concerns over class changes, and lack of blue posts on the class beta forums, would it be possible to do a Q&A for each class?
Is there any upcoming news about shamans - especially enhancement? The spec feels very empty right now and the lack of recent attention to the spec feels bad. I won't go into the details since there are a ton of posts explaining the Legion/BfA gap and current mechanical issues with the spec right now in heavy detail but I just wanted to bring to light problems in a small niche community.
Will Gladiator Stance return in some form or fashion for BFA?
Will there be an actual attainable final state for Azerite armor in BfA, or will it be a hopeless, never-ending Bataan Death March slog like AP in Legion?
I can not tell if the new Soulbound material Expulsom can be acquired from wq's and such like Blood of Sargeras was in Legion. Or only from scrapper and alchemy. The amount of Blood you could get per character in Legion was allot. All I did with it was buy and sell craft materials, so was wondering if it will be the same, made a boring grind of daily wq's.
BM is losing its identity. Survival has more pet interactions through several abilities and passives, some of which were adopted from BM.

Will we see any changes to our talents or baseline abilities so that we have more pet-hunter synergy, or more of a connection to the wild?

To name a few abilities that executed the fantasy and gameplay successfully, we had Focus Fire, Stampede (original implementation), Spirit Bond, and Thrill of the Hunt (original implementation).
With the removal of artifact traits, it feels like enhancement was one of the hardest hit classes. Are there thoughts of baking in some of those traits and working on survivability for this class without increasing the already high RNG factor? Also are there plans for better survivability for the squishiest melee class in the game for pve?
Will mythic ABT get nerfed one more time before the BFA pre-patch?
Please say you are making changes to the BM hunter talent Animal Companion. It is horrible now, bad pathing, pet does not camouflage and pulls mobs, pet does not share in Beast Cleave or Bestial Wrath. Why give it to us if you make it so useless?

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