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Please use this thread for feedback on the first wing of Uldir Raid Finder, Halls of Containment.
We've encountered a number of issues with triggers that is causing several bosses to not function and in some cases to not spawn. We've unfortunately had to cancel the test for this weekend due to these issues.
Clearly the bosses were Triggered.
Clearly the bosses were Triggered. +1

1 round end.

Taloc is too hard. MOTHER and zakvoz both fine.
I managed to get a clear of the first wing lfr and like mentioned Taloc seemed to at the least have a little high of health. Otherwise MOTHER and Zek'voz we're not too challenging of bosses. Wipes Taloc: 7 MOTHER: 0 Zek'voz: 2
TBH the tank mechanic just seems really awkward for Taloc. You need to raid to be on the other side of the room or they will get super chunked/die. But you also need to drop the cudgel near the blood pools to clean them up. It creates weird situations where you want to drop the blood near enough that the tank can run to it, but also in a place the raid can stack away from for the cudgel, and without removing too much room for melee to position. All this combines to make the fight very hectic, and with a lot of movement to lower outgoing dps.

Also, the damage of the blood storm debuff ticking seemed very high. Even with 2-3 stacks of determination, each tick was doing ~1/3 of my health.

The lasers in the elevator phase of the fight just seem unfair. Its not easy to see which section of the floor the laser will go through unless you are already standing near the edge. And the damage of the laser meant that if you didn't dash out instantly, you were likely dead.

Overall the fight seemed perhaps too strong for the LFR level. Perhaps making it so that the Blood Storm debuff on LFR doesn't drop the blood pools, just the ticking dmg, would make it better.
We are reopening the Halls of Containment for testing.

Please use this thread for feedback.
How do you get teleported to the LFR ?
Awesome fights.

My thoughts from a tank PoV:

Taloc: Great first boss. Some of the fixating adds wouldn't blow up if I stood infront of them, instead they'd just ignore me. Phase 1 is quite a bit boring as an offtank without anything to do. Phase 3, seemed to be a lot of red without enough without being able to clear it fast enough. It's fine that way but seemed a bit overtuned. Took my pug group 5 stacks to have the boss dead before we were completely overwhelmed.

Mother: Fine fight, maybe a bit punishing with the blue walls when everyone is uncoordinated with running through. Obviously normal, heroic, mythic it's fine but for LFR it'll be frustrating if someone trolls by running back and forth.

Zek'voz was fine, no issues stood out to me from an LFR perspective.
Taloc was hard for LFR. Took my group 5 stacks. It was apparent very few people knew the fights though. Plasma Discharge was overtuned. It ticked for 39k every couple of seconds and healers were not always nearby in the huge room (or paying attention)

Mother seemed overtuned for a pug as well. The fight would be appropriately easy on LFR with a coordinated group. We had people crossing at the wrong times, crossing back and forth. etc. (I think it's possible to just never cross and kill boss on first room though).
the visual that appears if corruptor's pact is <=5s remains throughout the encounter. (corners of my screen staying purple-ish)

the adds from taloc (bloods) somehow appeared in the starting room after releasing.

immunity classes can still cheese "cleansing purge" by using immunity in 2nd room right before pull.

we killed eonar without switching rooms, basically staying in first room all the time.
06/09/2018 04:05 AMPosted by Causese

we killed eonar without switching rooms, basically staying in first room all the time.

Eonar xD
Those beams in the Taloc elevator are killing people within 1 second.
06/09/2018 01:04 PMPosted by Tercio
Those beams in the Taloc elevator are killing people within 1 second.

If you stand at the edge of the elevator, you can see the location of next 2-3 beams.
People just don't know what they are doing.
healing these seems so hard its all aoe with bug chunks in damage happening all at once
Had a LOT of lag spikes in LFR. Did this happen to others? It was really bad at times, especially on the final boss.
I tried disabling addons and stuff but didn't seem to work.
Queued up with a 5man of friends. 2 Tanks, 2 DPS, 1 Healer. Had a really good time in the 1st wing.

Taloc: Boss seemed a bit overtuned, although that was mostly due to the speed with which the pools spawned under players. I'm not sure what the warning notification is, but most wiped were caused by red pools dropping in the raid. Maybe uncoordinated groups such as LFR need an extra second or two to run out to the side. Our group queued in with 2 stacks of Determination, and we killed it with 5 stacks. Transition was really cool, although our Vengeance Demon Hunter discovered that using Sigil of Chains sent the adds into the air as the elevator moved lower. The raid-wide stun at the bottom seemed a bit overly-lethal as the boss started attacking within the stun window, but overall, the transition was done very well. I really enjoyed this boss and did not experience any lag issues myself.

Mother: As opposed to the 1st boss, this one seemed a bit undertuned. We had 1 wipe due to me tanking the boss on the side of the room (in the fire) then had people running through the different platforms spawning adds which were not interrupted. After that, we decided to stay put and were able to kill the boss in the 1st room without anyone transitioning over.

Zek: This is one of the best boss rooms I have seen in a long time. The art team deserves a Christmas Bonus in July for this one. Boss was tuned well and after 1 wipe it was clear where to go and what to do. Assuming players go with the Adds>Boss mentality, this LFR boss should be a good time.

Overall, this wing was really fun to take part in. Incoming tank damage on any of the three bosses did not feel too strong unless we made a mistake, which seemed appropriate for LFR. Thank you for opening it up for testing!
I joined in on the first boss Talec, the group had 10 stacks of determination. Even at 10 stacks if determination we could not beat it for a few attempts. Eventually the tank just intercepted the blobs over and over to help the dps just kill the boss. This is anti melee and hard as hell on lfr. Way overtuned for lfr. Lasers are hard to see and is not obvious enough unlike other laser mechanics like kingoroth or durumu.

Mother's issues is that if too many people go through the rooms, it can wipe the group. Please don't put this in lfr. This can cause lots of grieving possibilities. No player should have the power to wipe the raid for luls. The strat that was advised was to assign groups to go in at certain intervals. You cant have this level of coordination in lfr when people are leaving and joining. Also blobs hurt and explode. Sucks again for melee. The wind sucks for those that don't have stameding roar. Too many deaths to the wind pushing players into the fire. Ease the wind some. This took 4 stacks of determination.

Zek'Voz seems to be more balanced for lfr. Only a few issues is that the adds that cast, don't get locked out of casting anything after interrupting. Stuns like HOJ work better than just interrupting. There should be some break after interrupting these adds. This took 3 stacks of determination.

The entire process took 3 hours in que from start to finish. Horrible for lfr que times if this remains unchanged.
06/09/2018 04:09 PMPosted by Metrohaha
Had a LOT of lag spikes in LFR. Did this happen to others? It was really bad at times, especially on the final boss.
I tried disabling addons and stuff but didn't seem to work.

I was experiencing this as well
Taloc seems too difficult to be faced by LFR group due to deadly beam at stage 2 and over-high dot damage at stage 1 and stage 3.

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