[H-RP] Zul Atal Alarion - Trolls Unite!

Moon Guard
The old troll empires are gone. The Drakkari are all but extinct, their gods consumed. The Amani are beaten down and barely holding themselves together, caged by the elves that have taken their lands. The Gurubashi, what few are left, are under close watch after letting themselves be consumed by the blood Loa. All of these great tribes are just shells, with no hope of ever returning to glory. Yet one tribe has survived and thrived despite banishment and scorn - the Darkspear. What is it that made this small outcast tribe so powerful? Was it their leadership? Was it their will to survive? No, it was their willingness to join with others that ensured their survival and their prosperity. It was the Horde!

The time for great troll empires have passed, but that does not mean that the greatness of troll civilization has ended. We from the Zandalari have tried to restore the empires and each time we have failed, so a new path is now proposed. Let the tribes unite together once more, not under the guise of conquerors, but survivors amongst the Horde. Let us gather and grow, let our strength show and let it be devoted to the horde who has shown that they can offer aid and survival. Let us reclaim our power and retake our outposts of old. When our strength has been regained, we will show the whole of the Zandalari that the Horde can save our civilization, our lands, and our very way of life!

Zul Atal Alarion meaning great devoted guardians is based around a group of Zandalari who have come to the Horde to reunite the troll tribes and show the Horde and the Zandalari Empire that the Horde is an ally needed for survival. All troll tribes are welcomed as long as they agree to join the Horde. The end game for the guild is to have a council rule over it, one troll from each of the major tribes that govern their people within the guild. The story would be to rebuild themselves and their lands in aid of the Horde and show that the Horde would make great allies and when the Zandalari become a horde race move to act as a power house focusing on troll lore and aiding the Horde in their war.

Zul Atal Alarion is a troll only role-play guild but we accept all classes and ask that those wishing to join be at least level 20 to show interest in leveling. At the moment we will only be focusing on RP and PVP when it comes down to server events.
Please note that we are an 18+ guild. You must meet this requirement to apply. If you are interested please feel free to whisper me or send in game mail.

Website and application: https://zulatalalarion.shivtr.com/

Guild ranks:

Atal’jin – Devoted Leader in common is the leader and guide of the guild. He rules over the council and is tasked with keeping the guild in line and on track of its current story and goals.

Council – The Council is made up of the four leaders of the guild. Acting as officers and guides it is their job along with the Leader to provide leadership and structure to the group, to enforce the laws of the group and its people.

Antu – Overseers in common, act as sub officers in the guild. They are the eyes and ears of the council and are the hands that enforces their will. To be granted this rank is to be given the trust of the leadership, it is to take on true responsibilities and to be counted among those who may one day ascend to the council.

Atal – Devoted in common is the highest rank a normal member can strive to achieve. You have proven your devotion not only to the group by to the Loa and to the Troll people. At this rank new doors may start to open to you if you seek them.

Herald – The next rank up from Blade becoming a Herald is to be commended for you have proven your commitment by going out into the world and showing the groups strength and determination to survive and prosper.

Blade – The Blade is the rank of a full member, having proven their willingness to both fight and defend for the group they have been promoted and have been awarded the trust of the members.

Wanderer – This is the rank that everyone will start at, wanderers from all walks of life have come seeing safety and purpose within the group and have started on their way to being recognized as full members.

OOC – the Alts and non RPers of the guild, note that every person may only have one alt inside of the guild at any time.

Good to see a new troll guild surfacing.

Best of luck with your efforts.

If you havent already heard of the Unified Horde Project, you should definitely check it out.
Good luck!
A little bit of a false start but the guild is now open and taking recruits, All trolls RPers are welcome from beginners to veterans. If you would like to help get the guild going or have any ideas please contact me I promise not to bite.
I have a Darkspear Community channel that you'd all be welcome to join. And I would love to connect and RP with you all even if I have no interest in joining the guild.

Great concept! I hope <Zul Atal Alarion> propers!

This reminds me of the early days of Flashbang Exports. I didn't know how it was going to go, but I was hopeful that a few people would join.

The most important thing is to let people know about your vision. People will be excited to see what you have planned for the future.
Great to see a troll guild! I wish you luck with this and as someone who's also just starting up a guild I wish you luck as I know how hard it is, if you ever see me ingame don't hesitate to say hello!
update: I have now added the guild ranks to the main post. website is next on my list as I seek out members.
The guild is slowly growing and we look forward to taking part in the ever growing Troll Community.
I am very happy to announce that the guild website is up and running! Anyone wishing to apply for the guild can now sign up and throw an application our way!
I just posted Zul Atal Alarion in the Horde guild listings sticky thread (see page 10).

Great work so far, keep it up!
Thank you, you are the best <3
Blizzcon....good times, troll Paladins. Looks like the Loa grant so much more power to Trolls then ever thought of before.
I've heard lots of people say they'll be race-changing their druids and paladins to Zandalari when it is possible.

So will Zul Atal Alarion be accepting all Zandalari? I hope you're preparing for a HUGE influx if your answer is yes!
11/04/2018 02:45 PMPosted by Flywheel
I've heard lots of people say they'll be race-changing their druids and paladins to Zandalari when it is possible.

So will Zul Atal Alarion be accepting all Zandalari? I hope you're preparing for a HUGE influx if your answer is yes!

Ill be one of those people race-changing the moment Zandalari come out..I mean those druid forms!. We will be happy to accept all the Zandalari who wish to join. I have a feeling troll RP might be a bit slow till then but always alive!
First IC guild event this Wednesday!!!!!! Held in Org in the Valley of Spirits.
Its been a bit slow but everyday I am seeing more and more troll RPers coming out of the shadows and it warms my heart, Troll RP is only going to grow from here.
Wishing you guys the best from your friendly neighborhood degenerated trolls [though we'll never claim it].

The concept for this looks wonderful!
Love the concept here! If I get a chance for some free time on a Troll I'd love to apply!

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