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Guild Recruitment
<Mile Hyjal Club> 8/8N 1/8H Uldir, on the Hyjal server is looking fill a few open spots for our raid team. We are primarily a heroic focused guild but would like to move on to Mythic if we clear heroic before the next raid tier comes out. While our main focus is Raiding and Mythic+ we also take casual players who need a place to call home. We also run Mythic+ dungeons A LOT on off nights and weekends. We are also saving up for an airplane that we absolutely plan to use for legitimate reasons...

Server Info:
Name: Hyjal
Region: US
Time Zone: US-Pacific Time
Population: High - Majority Horde

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesdays: 7pm - 10pm server
Thursdays: 7pm -10pm server
-Optional 3rd night on Mondays at same time

Needed Classes:
1 MW Monk
1 DPS with Tank OS (backup tank)

What we look for in a player:
We are a (im)mature guild and have a lot of fun and look for candidates that can roll with the punches. If you can dish them out too than that is even better! We try to provide food for everyone but you will be expected to be able to provide your own flasks and pots. Contributing to the guild bank is appreciated but not a necessity.

Contact Info:
Please message one of the following characters in-game or reply in this thread if you are interested in joining or have additional questions. You can also contact me via realID at Shmeagol#11794.

Most of our current members are 11/11H Antorus and we are still continuing to raid at least N Antorus every week until BFA comes out.
Good Morning!
Edited post, we are now only in need of 1 healer instead of 2-3 healers, all other roles we are looking for have remained the same.
Good Morning!
You forgot to mention our sweet trial of style team :]
Edit: Full on healers, still need a tank and melee dps!
Edit: Due to a role swap we no longer need a tank and instead in need of 1 healer
Still in need of a healer and DPS.
Good Morning!
Still need 1 heals and DPS
Still looking for 1 healer and DPS preferably the following but all will be considered:

Demon Hunter
Balance Druid
Feral Druid
Ret Paladin

Any DPS with a tank/healing off spec would be nice as well.
could use 2 healers or 1 tank and 1 healer, also added mage to DPS classes needed.
updated post
Good Morning!
Good afternoon, we can still use a variety of DPS!
Good Evening!
Good Evening, still need 1 healer and some dps!
In need of 1 tank and a few dps
Still need 1 tank, 1 healer, and dps

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