[H] Predominant LF DPS/Heals for BFA

Guild: Predominant
Server: Illidan (Horde)
Raid times: Wed & Thu 9PM - 12A EST / Wed & Thur 8PM - 11PM CST
Progression: 2/11M
Website: www.predom.net

History - Predominant was top 10 guild on Illidan server (#6) on Legion Launch all the way through Mythic Night Hold. We took a break after Night Hold until we decided to form again 4/22/18. Our core is currently 5/11M-9/11M and we have a core of 17 members that have been playing together since 2011. We are reforming for the remainder of Legion and BFA expansion. Feel free to visit our website WWW.PREDOM.NET which is currently content is being added daily. We run Mythic+ daily and get 15's for everyone weekly. We raid Wednesday / Thursday 8-11CST for and for BFA will be raiding about an hour more a week.

Expectations - Predominant is looking for raiders who are reliable and consistent. We understand that real life is a priority and that this is a game, but 19+ people count on you to show up on-time and ready for raid (with the appropriate pots, flasks, and runes). We expect 90% attendance and advance notice of any absences or delays. Predominant uses Discord and we have an #raidattendance channel where raiders can use the phone application to post. Raiders should have a basic understanding of fights and raid mechanics. We will post progression strategies in advance, and raiders are anticipated to familiarize themselves with the basics prior to the beginning of raid. Mechanics and raid awareness will always take precedence over individual parses, but raiders are expected to understand the ins-and-outs of their classes and how to optimize themselves for each boss encounter. We are looking for players self-motivated to improve and who understand that constructive criticism is nothing but an opportunity to become better.


1). Don't have an outburst during a raid encounter in either voice chat nor raid chat. If you are upset please message an officer after the raid.
2). Don't blurt out encounter suggestions. If you have a suggestion on the encounter and how we are doing it message the raid leader privately and he may listen at the time depending on time constraints. If not please use the discord channel #strategy and post on the strategy there.
3). Don't complain about loot.
4). Don't insult or provoke conflict with other members of the guild, regardless of rank. We do not deal with drama and if there is an issue that needs to be handled contact an Officer.

Failure to uphold any of the above expectations will result in dismissal from the guild.

Trial Period - All prospective members will be exposed to a challenging four week trial period upon acceptance of their application for trial. During the trial period you will be evaluated on the following:

1) Performance and improvement week by week.
2) Personal merits.
3) How well the Trial follows instructions during the encounters.
4) Attendance of 100% for Trials even if they are rotated in and out of an encounter.
5) Personality! We do not want people who are not open to criticism or have sour attitudes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Turdslug - Tinyturd#11434
Autzen - thorty30#1551

Thank you,

Turdslug, Autzen
GM’s of Predominant
Need RDPS and Heals
Hey, we are an 11/11M RShaman and HPally duo.
We are looking to transfer back to Illidan and find a raiding guild. We recognized your guild from early Legion when we were still on the server and would like to chat with you guys and ask some questions.

Our B-tags are Avria#1301 and Seathasky#11486.

Here are our logs/armory from this Tier:
TBH - HPally: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/whisperwind/tbh#rankingmetric=hps
Envi - RShaman: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/whisperwind/envi#rankingmetric=hps
Looking for heals and DPS!
good bunch of guys
bumping for justice
Thanks Kranich!
964 7/11M Exp Resto Druid. This toon has only seen mythic a few times. 3/11M Kills on it, with many pulls on imonar and kin. Just swapped from Ally, LF horde guild and am planning on server swapping come BFA launch once I find the right one.

Lemme know if you're interested in trialing me and want to talk more.

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