[RP] The Stonewatch Accords

Emerald Dream
((Please submit an IC account of your character's point of view of the War Council and signing The Stonewatch Accord))

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"Sir, if we're not officially part of the Alliance, why are we helping them?" asked the young recruit, trying to be as respectful to the much older Captain walking beside her.

The two were getting back on their gryphons who had been patiently waiting atop the crumbled tower ruins of Stonewatch Keep - the hill-top fortress destroyed by the Horde during the First War before they had turned their demonic gaze against Stormwind. Just minutes before, the command room of the keep was full of representatives from different factions from within the Alliance. The Coalition of Azeroth, The Ashen Vale, The Alliance Empire, The Mercenary Outfit and Clan Battlehammer among others had sent representatives to discuss the beginning of a new offensive in Kalimdor to prevent the Horde from claiming deposits of the new mysterious and powerful mineral that have begun to burst through the earth - Azerite.

"Our ultimate mission is the extermination of the Orcs and the dismantling of the Horde, recruit. The Alliance, for all it's fault, is a means to an end." replied the Captain, speaking calmly but firmly to the young Paladin who had accompanied him to the council meeting.

"There are multitudes of mud-hut dwelling, spear-chucking, flea-picking savages in those deserts, recruit", he continued, his voice beginning to tense and anger as he continued... "and we cannot hope to take them all on without some support from the Alliance." he continued, ending the statement with regret and admission that Kul Tiras had been greatly weakened by the death of so many of it's finest sailors and marines when Jaina betrayed her father - the legendary Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore - letting them inside the Theramore and standing aside as those animals cut him down as he was waged a campaign to finally end the Orc threat.

"Those you saw inside that keep are some of the Alliance's most capable fighters." he concluded.

"Even the long-ears, sir?" asked recruit Serenyssa, with a bit of surprise.

"Yes, even them... the ones you saw inside are some of the rare good ones I've told you about." he responded coldly. "As hard as it may be to fully digest... you can trust the ones you saw in the keep. And if you have trouble with that - then I order you to trust them. Is that understood?"

"Sir, Yes Sir!"

"To Stormwind then... watch out for Blackrock Archers, some of them still stalk the hills here." responded the Captain as their gryphons began to flap their wings, lifting their massive bodies off the ground.

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