Oh side note I will change my spec back to marksmanship when I get home, I'm at work.

<Karazhan Chess Club> is looking to recruit for mythic progression raids. Raid Times: Tues/Sun/Mon 8pm-11pm PST. 5/11M Ant and have stopped raiding for the expansion due to lack of interest. Will consider skilled players in all roles.

We are fun loving, laid back players that enjoy progressing at a steady pace. We joke around during farm content and settle down for progression. If you enjoy anime and other video games such as PoE, Siege, Diablo 3, Pubg, Civ 5 you'll enjoy your stay. We also enjoy doing mythic plus keys. Add me on Bnet #Dass1556 or Cousineric-Tichondrius to talk.
We are looking for a few more ranged DPS over here at <Ruin> hit me up in game if you are interested. We are 3/11M and raid Tues and Wednesday 5:30-9:30 Server time. Hit me up in game if you have any questions. you can add my battle tag or just find me in game.

Battletag: Haemon#1159
<Accelerate> is 6/11 Mythic in less than 2 months. Yes, less than 2 months. We haven't had a fair time to progress this tier, but we are rebuilding strong for BFA.

I was GM of this guild back in Cata and in MoP. In MoP, we were #2 on this very server, and we finished #140 US on Garrosh.

My point is, I know what I'm doing!! Our team is STRONG, I have some original members back, and I think we have an environment that is admirable when compared to other guilds; we are friendly, mature, and we actually help people.

Core Raid Days are Tues/Thurs 7:30 - 10:30 pm server

I also run a "Build Up" raid on Sundays, doing heroic 7-10 pm every Sunday. It's likely this will be a progression day for core at the start of BFA release, but not yet decided. If I do this, it's also likely to only be the first couple months before I make this a "Build Up" run again. I've always enjoyed helping players rise steal core spots, and not only recruiting based on ilvl and experience.

My btag is Mariame#1624

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