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About Us:ATD is a 9 year old guild with both Heroic and Mythic experience players rebuilding for BfA. We have players that range from questing casuals to cutting edge mythic raiders. Our goal is to pursue competitive content and we are looking for potential raiders to join us. Several of us have server/faction changed from previous guilds to pursue our goals with ATD. We are pretty laid back, anti-drama and just want to have fun while progressing.

What's the raid roster made up of?: At the minimum we have AOTC Heroic raiders, our higher end has Cutting Edge Mythic raiders and there are several of us in the middle that have half a raid tiers worth of Mythic kills. If Mythic isn't your goal don't let this discourage you, as both Normal and Heroic are open to all capable players interested in joining in on the content.

Goals: We get Heroic content on farm and begin progressing Mythic. Ideally to get at least half of a raid tiers Mythic bosses down prior to the next raid opening, we’ll make efforts to go further but we aren’t going to spend more than 6 hours a week worth of raiding.

Schedule: T/Th/Sun 9-11pm Est/server. Once content gets on farm we move that content to our Sunday raids for alts, catchup toons, casuals, etc.

Needs: Players that have a positive, team-oriented mindset that want to pursue Heroic and/or Mythic content. PVPers interested in doing Warfronts, Island Expeditions and RBGs. Social/casual players looking to do fun non-progression guild events.

Raid Needs:
- Tanks: 0
- Healers: 1-2 (Preference to Holy Paladin or Resto Druid, all healer specs may apply)
- MDPS: 0
- RDPS: 1-2

Non-Mythic content will allow for more Roster flexibility so don’t let the lack of open spots discourage you. If you’re interested in joining us feel free to add me:

Bnet: Kasharan#1912
Discord: Kasharan#5849
Bump: Edited Raid Needs.
Bump: Still need 1-2 healers for main raid spots. And a few ranged dps.
Bump: Edited raid needs. All exceptional players can apply regardless of role. And of course, casuals/socials are welcome!
Bump: Still LFM

All exceptional players can apply.
Bump: LF experienced tank, with AOTC at the minimum, preference to tank with Mythic experience.

Still LF 1-2 healers. Ideally MW/Priest or Shaman. But all exceptional healers may apply.

Exceptional players of all roles can apply.
Still looking for more!
Hey mate me and a friend are looking for a new home to hang out with. We are both exp players. I can give you more info about xp and what not. Let me know if you guys are still looking.
We are, add me on Bnet or Discord, the info is in the main post, thanks!
Bump! Still looking for a solid tank and a few more heals! All exceptional players can still apply!
BfA will be releasing soon! Still looking for more!
Still looking for healers and range dps! Add me on discord/bnet if you're interested!

Myself and my roommate are looking for a raiding guild on this server for BFA. We are both LGBT and would highly prefer an LGBT guild or LGBT friendly guild. We are both experienced raiders and have raided at high levels in multiple expansions.

I am the Warlock and my roommate will be playing a ranged DPS. He has not decided which ranged DPS, but he's thinking Mage right now. That will not pose a problem to him for leveling.

We have some friends that may be interested in joining the guild as casual players as well.

If you are interested in learning more about us, I am available on bnet as Aydriann#1158 and he is available as Oppa#1896
Bump! Still looking for another healer!
Bump! Still looking for 1 more healer, preferably Resto Druid. Range DPS preference to Spriest/Boomkin.
Raid starts Septh 4th at 9pm est/server! Come join us!
Bump still looking for a few more players to round out our raid roster! We're very active and do dungeons every day!

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