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First off Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

My name is Bigdiggles, and I have actively raided WoW since Vanilla. I played a frost mage in Vanilla. By BC I had moved on to tanking on a Feral Druid. I have cleared all raid content (as it was current) up until MoP when I took a break for RL reasons. I skipped WoD and came back at the start of Legion.

I have tanked for over 10 years, and tanking is as instinctual to me as driving a stick shift. I enjoy it, and the personal responsibility it brings.

A bit about my history: I am an ex-video game developer (in my 20s) that worked for Microsoft and Ensemble Studios. I actually got to work with Greg Street when he was there, if any of you remember Ghostcrawler. I have been playing Blizzard games since the original Warcraft. If you're doing the math, that makes me somewhat old (mid 30s).

I now have a career and family, so my playtime is more limited than it once was. However my desire to improve, be the best player I can be, and kill bosses has not changed.

What I am seeking: A 2 Day a week Mythic raiding guild that is in need of a solid tank. Maybe you guys have an average tank and wonder what an exceptional tank would be like. I am available in the day to early evening EST. The most important thing is that your raiders have a high skill cap, have mastered there class, and have a teamwork mindset.

What drives meTo me the most important things is progression and killing bosses. Nothing is greater than that feeling when you clear a new boss for the first time. So TEAMWORK and PROGRESSION.

It does not matter to me if you are [A] or [H]. My experience is 9/11 Cleared and profession on 10/11.

I am serious about my play, but I'm not an Elitist Jerk! (Props to anyone who remembers them). Being in my 30s my family and career comes first. However when I play I want to play to the max. Unlike many main tanks, I am not arrogant and take criticism well. Its all about self-improvement. And that mechanism cannot function without a feedback loop.

Longterm expectations I am active on the BFA beta and playing Veng DH there too. Veng is looking incredibly strong as a tank, so that is my plan to main it going forward. I am not looking to just get CE and the dash. I want to find a LONGTERM home to play with a skilled group of tight-knit players into BFA and beyond. This is important to me.

Historical Nostalgia My favorite raid of old was Black Temple. At that point I was raid leading, guild leading a group of 200+ players, and main tanking on a Feral Druid. Longhorn of Daggerspine if anyone happened to be on that server. One of my greatest achievements was to tank Illidan as a Druid, because the mechanics were such that it nearly required shield block during his shear ability. However I created an avoidance set, and with a couple cool tricks, some creativity, and support from my Guild, we took Illidan down. It's no surprise that many years later I gravitated towards the DH. I take his motto personally, and come to the raid PREPARED. I do the research on the fights, I bring consumables (skysteps almost every pull), and I am ready to kill bosses.

I also really enjoyed ICC and thought that was one of Bliz's best expansions. My team at the time killed the Lich King heroic 10 man with 2 heals. Good times. Forgive as I waxed nostalgic for a moment. Anyway, back to it.

Current Progress and Raid Readiness I am experienced on 6/11 Mythic ABT, and will pickup the final fights very quickly, as I have already done the research on mechanics, and have seen my friends take them down.

My gear is 970+ with 4 piece and 19-20% avoidance. I have all the legendaries, and 80 points in my Artifact Weapon.
Some more info about my Char for those interesting in finding a good fit:

Wow Armory Link:

Warcraft Logs Link:

Log Link of recent raid:

The above link may signal why I am looking for group of similarly skilled players. Of course CPM doesn't indicate that you are making the right moves, but as a melee, I don't see how you could have a very low CPM and be successful.

Link to my UI:

For my Addons:
I run DBM with Boss cooldowns in a highly visible location.
I also run Ora3, which I have configured to show raid healing cooldowns, major group utility and movement abilities, and also config'ed to show my tanks mitigation cooldowns for better tanking synergies.
I run Recount, Threat Plates/Omen, Weak Auras, Angry Assignments, and ICE HUD.
Open to others if required.

I have all my abilities hotkeyed and strafe move with a thumb pad. Tank movement and positioning is essential, and click turners just break my heart, as well as mouse clickers for abilities. I have been a hotkey advocate since the days of Warcraft III, when I realized how important reaction time and muscle memory is to top ranked gamers.

Btag: Libertine#1754
Discord: Brock#2518

Hope to hear from you soon!
Lf longterm home for BFA and beyond
Still technically a free agent! Also I have extensive read leading experience if this is something that would help support your team.
Still looking. At this point we are so close to BFA, if your raid group needs a skilled tank, and with Vengeance looking so strong for the next expansion, shoot me a message. Happy to chat!

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