TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #38

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Selling TCG Mounts:
  • Swift Spectral Tiger
  • Spectral Tiger: x2
  • Wooly Rhino: x2
  • Selling Blizzcon Items:
  • Murkablo
  • Big Blizzard Bear
  • Murky
  • Murloc Costume
  • *If you are looking for any other Blizzcon items or TCG items, please send me a message so we can work out a trade*

    Battle Tag: Gargasm#1595

    If you are interested in joining a safe trading environment with trusted players that have reputation please look into the discord:
    WTB TCG mounts (Buying everything besides [X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME]&[Wooly White Rhino]) Giving extremely fair/good prices

    WTS TCG mounts (I have everything)

    WTT TCG mounts

    WTB the following pets:

    - Gryphon hatchling
    - Fetish shaman (Diablo 3 collector's edition)
    - Murkidan (BlizzCon 2015)
    - Grommloc (BlizzCon 2014)
    - Murkalot (BlizzCon 2013)
    - Deathy (BlizzCon 2010)
    - Grunty (BlizzCon 2009)
    - Tyrael's hilt (BlizzCon 2008)
    - Murky (BlizzCon 2005)

    WTB the following toys:

    - Murloc Costume
    - Perpetual Purple Firework
    - carved ogre idol

    WTB the following Collector's Editions:

    - WoW Vanilla Collector's Edition
    - WoW Burning Crusade Collector's Edition
    - WoW WotLK Collector's Edition
    - WoW Cataclysm Collector's Edition
    - WoW Mists of Pandaria Collector's Edition

    WTB Epic Purple Shirtx1

    Battletag: Tigrenoir#1427
    WTS Ghastly Charger's Skull mount

    Selling on Horde and Ally


    I am currently selling the following items.

  • Big Blizzard Bear
  • Murky
  • Feel free to add my battletag if you are interested:

    WTB X-51 Nether Rocket X-treme.....2.2 m gold on illidan Horde side...
    Battle tag...MissWitchy#1659
    I'm currently trying to sell the Big Battle Bear mount. ResistancFox#2815
    Emerald Dream Horde
    Wyrmrest accord, horde maybe willing to take gold on other servers.
    Sorry, I am not willing to transfer must come to me.
    Might buy TCG mounts only for the right price .


    Swift shorestrider.
    White Riding Camel.
    Wooly White Rhino.
    Mottled Drake.
    Big Battle Bear.


    Tyrael's Hilt.
    Wind Rider cub.
    Gryphon Hatchling.
    Perpetual Purple Firework.
    Carved Ogre Idol.
    & Collector's edition pets.

    Join the WoW Trading discord using the link below for additional services including TCG, unobtainables, gold-swapping, and more. Help our community grow! with over 5k+ U.S & EU members and still growing!

    Always paying very well for these! please be aware I will never go first when purchasing Blizzcon items, my reputation and name speak for themselves.

    Battle tag: Kiba#11577
    Selling Spectral Tiger Cub or Ethereal Soul-Trader. Looking to get the TUJ US median. 768K and 495K respectively. BT: Frostbyte#1374
    WTS - Swift spectral tiger on emerald dream, horde side

    WTS Wooly White Rhino - 1.6mil - Khaz'goroth HORDE only

    WTS Pendulum of Doom on Proudmoore ALLIANCE

    Btag: Halbauer#1659
    -[X-51 Nether-Rocket]x1
    -[Swift Shorestrider]x2
    -[Blazing Hippogryph]x4
    -[Corrupted Hippogryph]x2
    -[[Mottled Drake]x8
    -[Big Battle Bear]x2
    -[Amani Dragonhawk]x1

    Mounts located on Stormrage/Sargeras mainly

    Multiple TCG Pets.

    Accepting gold on ALL realms.

    Btag: Chs#12417
    WTS: [Ghastly Charger's Skull]

    Btag: ChillesusYT #1358
    WTS [Blazing Hippogryph] 5.9m and [Mottled Drake] 5.7m on Sargeras Alliance. I am able to transfer servers!

    Battle tag: Jonny#1978
    WTB: Magic Rooster Egg

    On Horde, Hyjal. Possible realm transfer to you.

    WTB Wooly White Rhino, on any server for a good price!
    WTB Swift Spectral Tiger

    Mal'ganis Horde

    BTAG: GGǁEZ#1695

    (copy+paste btag, wierd character ||)
    WTS X-51 Nether Rocket (The blue one) 6.5m
    X-51 Nether Rocket Extreme (Purple One) 2.5m

    I’m on alliance Kargath. Would love to take gold on Kargath but I’m open to take gold on any server alliance side.

    WTS Wooly White Rhino US-Sargeras
    Btag: Austinaut#1531

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