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What I'm really looking for is a consistent mythic plus group, raiding would just be an added benefit.

Ive been on a hiatus for a year(ish) if not slightly longer, so will need a few weeks to catch up ilvl wise, but am around 930 on the hunter and somewhere near that on my warrior.

Id much prefer my hunter over my warrior, but can be persuaded.

My hunter-
and warrior-

As far as me personally? I'm 40, professional, kids, etc, etc. Been playing on and off since BC. I don't take the game too seriously anymore, but I do my time and that of those I play with. So in as much as that Ill show up on and time and ready to go.
Make no promises on having watched the videos though, I see no reason for us to lie to each other, lol.
Once I'm comfortable I'm pretty talkative in chat, discord, voice, etc. Def like to keep things light and fun.

What I'm looking for in a guild? Adult but not stuck up? Family friendly but don't freak out that I curse too much? Think the girl next door but with a ton of black leather and restraints in her closet. Not the cheap furry crap ones, but the hand made leather, double stitched with stainless steel get the point.
Balanced, that's the word I'm looking for.

Days/times/etc I'm mildly indifferent on outside of my inability to play on weekend nights. I suppose Id prefer any start times after 8 pm EST but again, I'm flexible.

If I sound interesting or you have questions message me thru my btag or leave your info and Ill hit you up.
Hey there,

We're a tight-knit gaming community DPS to fill out our heroic Antorus team in preparation for Battle for Azeroth. Come raid with us cross-realm a few times (9PM EST, Tu/Thu) and see if you fit :)
Looking, looking, looking...
If you're interested in a faction change then send me a message. I've got kids as well and so do others in the guild. We are the "older" players apparently. Anywho, is our guild post if you want to check it out. We do run raid and mythic +

<Chocobo Banditos> is a Horde guild on the Windrunner server. Darrowmere is also a connected server due to low pop.

We are currently in need of a healer for finishing up Legion and going into BFA. We are accepting others as well if you'd like to join.

What are we?
We are a guild of players coming from varying experience in WoW. We have people around since Vanilla and those around for the first time. We are casual in the sense that we like to joke and have a good time. However, we are "hardcore" in the fact that we want to run heroic and push into Mythic.

When do we run?
We are currently on Tues/Thurs 8 pm - 10 pm server time (PDT). We also run mythic + on Wednesdays and Sundays depending on a groups availability.

What do we do if someone is bringing down raid?
This one falls on me as the GM to make sure everyone is having a good time and that we can progress as a guild. We don't allow players being rude to each other, we are all here to progress but we are also here to have a good time. We will sit DPS (for example) if they aren't bringing what is needed but just because we sit you doesn't mean we aren't here to help. Myself and the officers are willing to run mythic + with you to get gear, practice rotations, or talk with you about possible rotation/spec changes.

If this sounds like something you want to be apart of then please message me on discord @czarni#2216 or an officer of the guild @Danurz#4653.
<Last Ständ> is recruiting skilled players!
Easily apply here:

What we are looking for:
All exceptional players - regardless of class/spec - are encouraged to apply. We have a need for knowledgeable players that can be on during our raid times and for mythic+ runs. For progression group needs, we are looking for ranged DPS. Please see our website listed above!

Casual and alternate raiders are also encouraged to apply. We highly value community and want more players (tanks, healers, and DPS) online for Mythic+ runs!

Who we are:
-Our guild's core members have been together since Vanilla.
-We are older; majority between our 30s-60s.
-Casual guild environment with serious raid encounters.
-During our down time we enjoy running numerous M+ dungeon runs [1-22], helping lower ilvl/skilled players, achievement runs, and just having fun together!

Raid Schedule:
- Tuesday, 6:00-9:00pm PST
- Wednesday, 6:00-9:00pm PST *
- Sunday, 6:00-9:00pm PST **
[Conversions: 8pm CST / 9pm EST start times]

* Tuesday's and Wednesday's are Heroic Antorus clear and beginning of Mythic Antorus (We've only been in once and killed the first boss).
** Sunday's are Normal Antorus for our low i-lvl players and alts.

For questions, please contact:
Nightrune, GM .. Nightshiv#1502
Bstick, Co-GM .. Axemurderer#1565
Darthviper, Co-GM .. Darthviper#1116
June, Officer/Recruiter .. Ashley1640#1792

We have officially started Mythic raiding! Why are we just now beginning? Well, we value community > progression and progression has never been our topmost priority. Now that we have a solid base of players that wish to move into Mythic content, we are looking to recruit more DPS to solidify our progression team. Our only issue is having enough people online on our raid nights. (Tuesdays are an easy 20 players; Wednesdays are down to 16-18 players online). Which is where we hope YOU will come in by filling our progression roster!
If you are amenable to a faction change, I'd be happy to talk with you. At 40, you wouldn't be close to the oldest one in the guild....<says the 47 year old GM>. We are looking to add some ranged DPS to the raid team going into BfA, so would like to see your hunter as a main. Little bit about us-

One of Bloodscalp's oldest established guilds, No Good Deed is based on stability and respect for its membership. Our philosophy has remained consistent from our founding in Vanilla, maintained because our leadership is still the same as it was back then. We have members who have been with us since that founding, and most of our core has been with us for many years and many expansions. This means we have been thru the highs and the lows of this game. We have gone thru each expansion together, seeing both the excitement of releases and the doldrums of the endings. We've seen 40 man raids turn to 10s and 25s and then into flex. We've been thru loot systems, hardcore raiding and every sort of challenge a guild can face (including losing a healer mid raid with this line: “AFK, wife just went into labor”). Thru it all, we've maintained our community and provided the opportunity for our membership to see the content with people we enjoy playing with.

While we had our run hardcore, 4-5 day a week, realm first raiding, our philosophy has evolved with our membership. Currently, we target Heroic level raiding on a two day a week schedule- Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at 8:30 Eastern and continuing until around 11. Using this schedule, we have easily achieved AOTC with our core raiders on all tiers and had enough time to carry more casual raiders among us to that title. The atmosphere is relaxed but competent. Strategies are developed by the entire raid team, with no voice going unheard. Drama and loot issues are non-existent.

We are always seeking individuals who are looking to participate in this kind of environment. We are most active in the evenings and weekends on an Eastern Time Zone basis. We are NOT a spam invite guild; the right fit from a personality standpoint is just as important as ability in game. If interested, please contact me NGDMensrea#1491 to discuss it and we will find a time for you to join us in raid or in running some M+.
Have talked to a few ppl, but still looking for a solid home!

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